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Friday, March 13, 2009

Do you have a loved one that is turning 80 in 2009? Then the 80th Birthday Celebration Package is right for you and your loved one celebrating a birthday. This unique gift is an ideal way to have the recipient relive their youth and bring memories back from the past. They will surely appreciate the retro candy and wonderful thought that you put into this lovely gift.

Our 80th Birthday Celebration Package features 40 of the best retro candies that your loved one enjoyed in their youth. A smile will grace their face when they see candies such as Swizzle Sticks, Lemonheads and Junior Mints. These sweet nostalgic treats will allow them to share memories from their younger years. Families will love to hear of all the old experiences and candies.

This nostalgic candy birthday package is a wonderful treat for anyone in search of a fun birthday gift. The package is put together in a festive box that has brilliant colors. Bring back the youth of your 80 year old this year. The appreciation will overflow. You may even get to try some of the sweet tasting nostalgic candy that they enjoyed when they were young. Be sure to get your 80th Birthday Celebration Package today at

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