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Saturday, June 30, 2012
50th Birthday Gift Basket
Turning 50, for some people, is difficult. For some reason the number 50 is hard for them to deal with. When a family member or friend is turning 50 and seems sad or upset about it, throwing them a party can help. A surprise 50th birthday party can be fun for everyone. It can help the birthday person realize that 50 is just a number. When planning the surprise party think of fun birthday party gifts, favors, and game ideas that are sure to make it special and fun for everyone.

A person can find retro candy to use as 50th birthday party favors and gifts. This type of candy will be sure to put a smile on everyone's face as it brings back happy memories of childhood. These wonderful memories will take them back to the carefree days spent riding bikes and having fun with friends. They will think back to the days when a kid could go into the little corner store with a quarter and come out with a bag of candy. This retro 50th birthday party candy will remind them of the days of penny candy and the joy they had buying and eating it. All of the fun and happy memories may just help the birthday person feel better about turning 50 by making them smile, laugh and relive those happy memories.

Keeping the 50th birthday party theme nostalgic, a person can add fun games from childhood to the mix. There are some great games that will get everyone moving, laughing, and having a good time including Simon Says and Red Rover. Those favorite games of childhood will be sure to liven up the party. Hot Potato and musical chairs are games that can also be played. Any game that will bring happy laughter and excited cheers would be a good idea for this type of party.

A person can find some comical 50th birthday party favors including glasses in the shape of the number 50 that each guest can wear. There are blue ribbons for the birthday person which will let them know they are great at 50. Paddle balls, wooden gliders, and kazoos are fun party favor ideas also. Bubbles are fun at any age and can be wonderful birthday party gifts and favors.

Planning a party to help a loved one celebrate a milestone in a special way by adding 50th birthday party candy including Dots, Chiclets, Fun Dip and those wonderful Buttons on Paper is a great idea. Everyone who is at the party is sure to have a great time, enjoy the retro candy, and laugh at the games. The birthday person will relive many happy memories and have a truly unique experience at their 50th birthday party.

by: Woodstock Candy

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Friday, June 29, 2012

70th Birthday Gift Basket
You have been invited to your uncle's 70th birthday party. He is your favorite uncle and you have a difficult time accepting the fact he is in his seventh decade. He is livelier than most 40 year olds. He visits the gym several times a week, goes mountain climbing and camping in the summer, and lives life to the fullest.

Older people enjoy reminiscing. This is the perfect time to buy him a candy basket. You do not want to get him just any ordinary candy basket. If you look around you will find a candy basket that offers retro candy. Yes, it has retro candy from his early years. He will enjoy the Necco Wafers as well as the Red Hots and Tootsie Rolls. He had these as a youngster and this is truly a gift for him to enjoy as he gets older.

You might consider buying your uncle a 70th birthday party basket. You can find different baskets that offer different contents. A really special 70th birthday party basket offers not only retro candy but retro toys as well. He will love the basket full of silly putty, a slinky, a Yo Yo, and a variety of other gifts along with the retro candy.

There are other presents for the 70th gift idea. You just need to spend some time thinking about your uncle, his likes and his dislikes. You can have a lot of fun, for example, if you use another 70th gift idea such as an 'over the hill' birthday hat. You can find these in a variety of styles but one with a vulture is fun for everyone. He will quickly pick up on the 'over the hill' idea.

As a person grows older there are certain items they always remember from their childhood. Two of the most popular items we remember are the candy we had available as well as toys. Nothing can say, "Happy Birthday," particularly on the 70th year, better than these two items. You can make the 70th truly special by giving your uncle this gift of love that will help bring back his childhood memories.

Another 70th birthday candy gift offers a huge selection of candy. Aside from the tootsie rolls, Necco Wafers, and Red Hots, another 70th birthday candy gift includes Lifesavers, Rock Candy, Chicklets, and many other goodies. Perhaps the most special candy in this gift is the candy cigarettes. Your uncle will have the time of his life as he reminisces about those days when he would put one of those delicious tasting cigarettes in his mouth.

by: Woodstock Candy

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Wax Lips
Whether you are looking for a taste of candy from your childhood or if you are looking to give a gift of old fashioned candy to a friend or a loved one, you have plenty of options to choose from regardless of your purpose for shopping for the classic candy.

Types of Classic Candy Sold Today

You can find all types of candy from a variety of past decades for sale depending on the type of sweet treat you are seeking. There are wax lip candy, red hot candies, sugar sticks, candy necklaces, and even the classic "Pop Rocks" candies.

Candy from the 1950’s range from:  dotted sugar candies, candy cigarettes, taffy, bubble gum cigars, mints, lemon candies, root beer barrels, and even atomic fireballs. Wax lips, "Mary Janes", and candy buttons were all common candies available in the 1950s and still sold today. If you are searching for candies from the 1960s, popular candies included the well-known Tootsie Roll, candy cigarettes, "Fun Dip", candy lipstick, wax lips, Mary Janes, "Now & later", candy buttons, Razzles, smarties, and taffy.

Retro candies from the 1970s include "Zotz", Red Hots, Lemonheads, Fun Dip, Atomic Fireballs, Pop Rocks, candy necklaces and cigarettes, "Pixy Stix", "Now & Later" and "Gold Nugget Bubble Gum". Candies that became popular in the 1980s includes Jolly Rancher sticks, "Big League" chewing gum, "Sour Patch Kids", "Twizzlers", candy buttons on paper, gummy bears, Necco Wafers, Skittles, Airheads, Starburst, Swedish Fish, Juicy Fruit Gum, and Atomic Fireballs.

If you are seeking a gift to give to someone, you can also opt for a retro nostalgic candy gift basket. There are various gift baskets of retro candy by the decade and including a mix, depending on the type of candy you want to order.

How to Shop for Old Fashioned Candy

You can shop for old fashioned candy locally and also right from the comfort of your own home, regardless of the types of candy you are shopping for or if you are looking for a retro nostalgic candy gift basket to buy. When you look online, you will have more advantages when shopping for candy as opposed to looking for the retro candy you are interested in locally at multiple stores.

Why Browsing for Classic Candy Online is Ideal

When you are seeking some nostalgic candy and want to do so online, you have more options when finding the specific brand and type of candy you have in mind. When you browse online to order the candy you want, you will also have the opportunity to compare prices to find the best deals and to find a retronostalgic candy gift basket to give if you are shopping for someone else.

Before you place your order, you can also read on all of the included candies offered in mixes and in baskets available to try. When you shop online for retro candy, you also have the option to easily shop by decade, which is great for themed parties or for specific candy lovers.

by: Woodstock Candy

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Over The Hill Birthday Sayings Candy And Toys
Getting presents for a loved one’s birthday can be a tedious task when they get older. Birthdays themselves may have become routine and dull after years of celebrating them. Over the Hill Birthday Gifts add a bit spice to what might otherwise be another ordinary celebration. Some people may prefer to insist they have not aged a day past twenty, others may pick a more meaningful number, and Over the Hill Birthday Gifts can obfuscate ones true age. Whether one turns forty or eighty, an Over the Hill gift is relevant and designed to make one feel celebrated and cherished, despite or because of one’s true age.

Over the Hill has birthday gifts celebrating the concept of being "over the hill." That one’s true age is irrelevant and what matters is celebrating friends and family. It is best summed up with, "there's no particular age that means you're over the hill, although usually it is a milestone year that ends in zero or five." You can give one to your grandmother, you can give one to an old friend, but either way it's a small token from you teasing them gently about being that extra special number this year.

Maybe a celebration would benefit from outright Over the Hill gag gifts. There is the ever popular Vulture Hat, teasing an older friend or relative about their age. Of note are various party buttons saying things like "got old?" or "In dog years, I'm dead!" Equally funny are the more practical hats with attached wigs which come in gray and blonde, either straight hair or afro. Perhaps the celebration would benefit from an Over the Hill Bald Man's Comb? Jokes aside; hats, glasses, quotes, and candy are all Over the Hill gag gifts that can make your celebration memorable.

Make your celebration an Over the Hill birthday party with one of the combo packs of Over the Hill sayings, candy and toys. A pack contains an assortment of toys and candy that give the party an air of recapturing their childhood all over again. Some of the retro candy one might get includes: Wax Lips, Rock Candy, Chiclets, Candy Cigarettes, Bonomo's Turkish Taffy, or Buttons on Paper. Some toys in the Birthday Box include childhood favorites such as: Silly Putty, Magic Loops, Slinky, and Wacky Whirler. Make your party and Over the Hill birthday party and people might enjoy themselves so much they forget just how old the birthday boy or girl turned.

by: Woodstock Candy

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Friday, June 22, 2012

80th Birthday Candy Gift Basket
When shopping for a great gift to make someone's 80th birthday as special as possible, consider an 80th birthday candy gift. These candy baskets will contain all of the sweet treats that the 80 year old used to enjoy as a child. It will be a great way to bring back sweet memories for the birthday boy or girl.

You'll find that the 80th birthday candy gift baskets contain items such as Bit-O-Honey, candy buttons on paper, Boston Baked Beans, Gold Mine Gum, Junior Mints, Giant Taffy and so much more to make their birthday one that is as sweet as it is unforgettable. They'll love all of the candies that remind them of their childhood days.

80th party gifts can be hard to choose but with the candy baskets, you'll be able to make their 80th birthday special and fun. Items like the wax lips and the wax bottles are certain to bring a smile to their face.

Turning 80 is really a great reason to celebrate and give the birthday boy or girl something that is truly going to brighten their day. These candy baskets will make the best 80th party gifts to create a real celebration. You may find that others will want to have a taste of the great candies that are in the basket too. However, the gift recipient may want to keep their 80th birthday candy gift all to themselves.

Just because the gift baskets contain candy from the past doesn't mean that the candy is old. These candies are all freshly made and can still be purchased in some stores today. Each type is going to be of the best quality and provide the same wonderful taste that it did back in the day.

When you're planning that special 80th birthday party for your loved one, be sure and include a candy gift basket. It's a great way to insure that they receive a gift that brings back a blast from the past, which is fun and entertaining and is also delicious. You won't find a more suitable gift that will bring such happiness to them.

These great candy gift baskets will eliminate having to stress over what to get the person who has everything. There so much better than a gift certificate or just a card too. You won't find a better gift choice to honor the 80 year old in your life.

by: Woodstock Candy

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

30th Birthday Candy Gift Basket
A 1980's Birthday Candy Gift Box is the perfect gift for anybody born during the wild and crazy era of the 80's. This gift box takes the memorable candies of the 80's to those who remember the days of huge hair and work out videos. Seeing and enjoying these delicious edible pieces of the decade will make any person who remembers their childhood or teenage years in the 80's delighted. The candy brings back memories. What better present could there be? This gift takes all the lovable candy from back in the day and puts it together in one big decorative box. The order is simple to place. One simply has to choose the year desired in the drop down menu and add the box to the cart!

The entire point of the box is to bring a person back in time to the days of the 80's. The candy inside reflects those found in a real 80's birthday party. There are 40 kinds of candy included in the box, which is a huge amount for the small price! Examples of the candy include Candy Lipstick, Dubble Bubble Gum, Tootsie Rolls, Root Beer Barrels, Necco Wafers, Atomic Fireballs, and Pixy Stix. The presenter of the 80's candy gifts can bring a woman back to the days when she ate Lemonheads all the time and remind a man of simpler times when all he really wanted were Jolly Rancher Sticks and Pop Rocks.

The idea behind this gift reigns true for any 80's birthday gift. The perfect gift is the one that evokes memories. That is exactly what this 80's gift box accomplishes. The shrink wrapped basket is sure to cause anyone who remembers the 80's to think back on childhood memories of times when they saved up to buy a certain candy or were given one flavor of Laffy Taffy all the time. This 80's gift box will allow receivers to reminisce on old memories while creating new ones. They will be so glad to receive such a thoughtful gift. Anyone who purchases any of these 80's candy gifts is sure to be the life of the party when they walk in the door with a box full of delicious memories. This 80's birthday gift can be shared with a whole party or saved to be eaten over time. Just like a real 80's birthday, this one will come with lots of memories and plenty of candy!

by: Woodstock Candy

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Monday, June 18, 2012
If you're looking for bulk candy, is the place to shop. They have the largest selection available anywhere, and will ship the order right to your door. It's no doubt that because they've been in business for almost 85 years, they're doing everything right. has wonderful customer service and the staff are experts when it comes to knowledge about candy. Their products are fresh and your order is shipped promptly. They literally have hundreds of different kinds of candy, including well known brands like Brachs, Haribo, Hershey's, NECCO, Ferrara Pan, Just Born and Jolly Ranchers. Because they stock over 2,800 different of candy varieties in their McKeesport warehouse, the sky is the limit with what you can get.

If you're craving sugar free treats, they have plenty of kinds from which to choose. Select from butterscotch, spearmint, root beer, or cinnamon hard candy, or an array of sugar free jelly beans, licorice, or gummi bears.

They have bulk chocolate, both wrapped and unwrapped in milk and dark. Check out their selection of 5 lb. bags of single colored M & M's which are great for theme parties, graduations, baby showers, and weddings. has a whole spectrum of colors including gold, dark green, dark blue, light purple, yellow, black, and pink. Looking for chocolate basketballs or footballs? They've got those, too.

If chocolate isn't your thing, you'll be amazed at the huge assortment of gummi candy that offers. From cola bottles to worms, and bears to sharks, they can fulfill your every need.

Retro candy is another one of their specialties. They have Bit-O-Honey, Zotz, Smarties, Mary Janes, Pop Rocks, Razzles, and Wax Lips, just to name a few of their popular items. You can also check by decade for a particular sweet you may remember from childhood.

Whatever your candy need may be, is sure to have it in stock for you.

by: Woodstock Candy

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

30th Birthday Gift Basket
A thirtieth birthday is a milestone in anyone's life. Gone are the days when reaching thirty was considered as being a dreaded age. Such an occasion calls for a celebration to create memories to last a lifetime. The presentation of a gift for the birthday celebrant can make all the difference so you want to be sure to select a gift that is nothing less than perfect. One gift that is sure to get you noticed as a connoisseur when it comes to gift-giving, is a custom 30th birthday candy basket. These candy baskets come in all sizes and contain a variety of mouth-watering gourmet treats and, sometimes, colorful balloons. Over-sized chocolate chip cookies are also a popular item in these candy baskets as well as different types of wine and a large assortment of 30th birthday candy and chocolate.

Another unique idea when shopping for the right birthday basket are those with a nostalgic theme. Assortments of retro candies from days gone by are featured in these baskets. Candy items such as Dots, Jujubes and candy necklaces, to name only a few, can be found in the nostalgia birthday basket. This theme of birthday basket is sure to make a tremendous impression on the lucky recipient. It will remind them of the days when life was carefree and simple and will bring a smile to their face and, perhaps, even a tear to their eye.

Equally as fun, are 30th birthday candy baskets that carry a theme of the year the recipient was born. For instance, if the birthday boy or girl was born in the year 1980, birthday baskets would generally contain treats which were popular during that year or decade. The theme of these birthday baskets may feature Fruit Roll-Ups, rice cakes and Big League Chewing gum. In selecting a birthday basket as a gift with a particular theme, there are so many fun varieties to choose from. These baskets will, no doubt, receive remarkable compliments not only from the recipient but also the party guests. Obviously, for the more conservative birthday boy or girl, the possibilities of selecting a birthday basket with no particular theme at all, are endless. While these baskets are acceptable in all birthday celebrations, the baskets designed to fit this once-in-a-lifetime occasion like the 30th birthday, will be remembered for years to come. Since life is all about the creation of memories, you can rest assured your choice in the "just right" gift was selected in a most perfect way.

by: Woodstock Candy

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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Over The Hill Birthday Gift Basket
When you are shopping for that special gift for that more special person in your life that is turning 60, consider gifting them with a 60th birthday candy basket. When choosing candy baskets as your unique gift, you will find that you have several great basket that you can choose from. Each basket is unique and filled with wonderful candies that the birthday boy or girl is going to love.

You'll find the best choice of the most popular candies that were so popular when your 60 old was a child and satisfying his sweet tooth. Candies like Chiclets, Red Hots, Boston baked beans, candy cigarettes and so much more. This is one of the best candy baskets to bring back wonderful memories for the gift recipient.

Some of the other great choices you'll find in the birthday baskets that contain candy are Bubble Gum Cigars, rock candy sticks, Good and Plenty’s, giant taffy and chuckles. These are going to be candies that will remind the gift recipient of the good ole days. Each time they eat some, they'll recall some of the best memories of their childhood. This is not only a fun 60th birthday candy basket, it's also a delicious one.

Birthday baskets are as fun to give as they are to receive. You will love all of the enjoyment that these candy baskets will bring to your special 60 year old. Imagine their faces when they see this great basket that contains all of those childhood treats that they used to enjoy when they were a child.

For an even larger 60th birthday candy basket that contains enough items for the gift recipient to share with the family and other members of the party, you might choose a basket that contains a larger selection. This basket too will include items such as the pixie sticks, Red Hots, and bubble gum cigars, but it also contains root beer barrels, Sugar Daddy's, Nik-L-Nip, and so many more. You'll have your birthday person loving all of the great candies from this birthday basket.

These wonderful birthday gift baskets that are filled with the most nostalgic candies that are available. Though these are candies from the past, they are freshly made. Being able to give such a unique and sweet gift is going to create conversation for the birthday celebration that is sure to help keep the party going on for hours as everyone takes their turn as traveling down memory lane.

by: Woodstock Candy

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Friday, June 15, 2012

80's Sunglasses
Retro styles and fashions are making a comeback in a big way. From shopping malls to runway models, retro style is definitely a hot trend right now. The popularity of retro styles makes all kinds of retro items ideal birthday gifts! Any type or style of retro clothing will make a great gift but retro accessories are especially desirable and make fantastic gifts. Out of all the most popular retro birthday gift accessories, hats and sunglasses are among the most popular.

Retro sunglasses make an excellent birthday gift that is sure to please and delight. Available in a wide variety of colors, frame designs and styles, the fashionable shades bring back the retro look. Whether it's geeky, glitzy, or glamorous, retro birthday sunglasses come in many styles that will suit the personality of any gift recipient. A bookworm intellectual will appreciate the thick-framed retro sunglasses made popular decades ago. A music aficionado is sure to appreciate a set of glittering, angled sunglasses that will give them the look of a funk music superstar!

Of course, what set of retro birthday sunglasses wouldn't be complete without some frames inspired by the glamorous 1980s? 80s sunglasses are famous for being big, bold and over-the-top. This style falls right in line with the modern popularity of retro appeal. Give a gift of 80s sunglasses to any friend or family member and watch them transform into a dance-pop phenomenon! Straight from the era of big hair and power ballads, these sunglasses will complete the fabulous look that's trending right now.

No set of funky, retro sunglasses would be complete without the addition of a few stylish retro hats! Retro hats are an iconic representation of the fads and cool looks from previous decades. These days, they're just as stylish and in demand as they were years ago. Retro birthday hats are a great way to take advantage of this fashion phenomenon. From the mod chic look of the 60s to the Afro style of the 70s, retro hats can bring more than just a smile to someone's face. They can give their wardrobe some much needed flair!

Combining retro birthday hats with retro birthday sunglasses will be a recipe for success at your next birthday party or event. While some people may think items like this are nothing more than novelty or "gag" gifts, they're actually practical articles of clothing. Today's fashion style is all about individuality any sort of retro item can be given new life in a modern outfit. Of course, at the same time, these gifts are intended to delight and bring joy to the recipient and give a party a lighthearted atmosphere.

The next time a close friend or family member's birthday is drawing near, consider giving them a gift that they will be sure to remember. Retro birthday hats and 80s sunglasses are a great starting point for gift ideas but the possibilities are endless. With just a little creativity, any party can be great with the right gifts.

by: Woodstock Candy

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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Retro Birthday Candy Gift Basket
Candy baskets are a fun and creative way to spice up any birthday gift or party favor. Candy baskets are commonly included with birthday gifts, as it is a cheap and inexpensive way to give that special someone a little extra. Candy gift ideas are usually found in arts and crafts stores, and they are usually very creative and include a theme such as Christmas, Halloween, or even smaller holidays such as new years. Candy birthday baskets are usually included with a birthday gift, and they contain things such as candy, small sweets, and gift cards. Candy gift ideas are easy to come up with and it is an easy way to show your creativity to a co-worker or a friend who is celebrating a special occasion or an event!

Birthday gifts are most commonly paired with candy baskets. Adding a candy basket to a birthday gift is an easy way to add extra to a gift, making it look extravagant and expensive. There are many themes you can choose for a candy basket that you are giving to a person for their birthday, and it often depends on their age. If you are giving a candy birthday basket to a child, you may want to ask what their interest is. This way you can give them themed candy birthday baskets and the child will always enjoy them because it includes their favorite theme, such as a superhero, and it also includes candy!

Candy baskets can also be given out on special occasions, such as Christmas and Halloween. Candy baskets make great stocking-stuffers on Christmas morning. It's a good way to give a loved one a little something extra, such as their favorite candy. If you're confused on what to give people who come knocking on your door to trick-or-treat, a common practice is to hand them candy baskets filled with different types of candy. This way, all the children or teens that come to your door for candy will be satisfied!

Candy baskets also make great gifts to give out at baby showers. Candy baskets can be designed to compliment any small event or gathering, and you can make the guests happy by giving them something to go home and enjoy later! Candy baskets are inexpensive to put together and they are sure to bring a smile to the face of anyone who shows up to your events or gatherings!

by: Woodstock Candy

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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Wax Lips
Atomic Fireballs, Candy Cigarettes, Pixie Stix and Charleston Chews are just a few types of retro candy that aren't commonly sold in stores anymore. Nostalgic candy can, however, be purchased online in individual pieces, in bulk or in candy gift boxes that contain an assortment of old time candy.

In addition to eating these blast from the past goodies, nostalgic candy can be used to create centerpieces or set up as a dessert bar for retro-themed and vintage parties. For example, for a 70's disco themed party, choose candies that were popular in the 1970s like Pop Rocks or Razzles or for a 50's sock hop themed party, Snaps or Bit-O-Honey are a good choice. Candy can be crafted into centerpieces or simply spread on the tables for guests to enjoy during the party.

To create a retro candy dessert buffet, purchase candy in bulk and display it in small clear containers allowing guests to help themselves with an old fashioned candy scoop. Signs depicting the prices of the candy from the era can make cute decorations and enhance the candy shop feeling of the dessert bar. Nostalgic candy gifts can be given as favors for retro parties as well, either by allowing guests to take home candy from the dessert bar or having them pre-packaged ahead of time.

Nostalgic candy gifts make a great present for someone who is hard to shop for or for a person celebrating a milestone birthday year such as 30, 40 or 50. Simply look up what candies were popular in their birth year or when they were a child. Treat them to a trip down memory lane by purchasing candy they will remember from their childhood.

Candy gift boxes filled with nostalgic candy like Everlasting Gobstoppers, Oh Henry! Bars and Bottlecaps can be purchased ready made with an assortment of old time candy. For those who prefer to customize their selection of candy for the gift box, pieces can be bought individually or in bulk and divided as needed.

Retro candy isn't only for those who remember it from their childhood. Kids today may enjoy sampling candy they have never had before or candy their parents or grandparents remember from their own childhood. Additionally, candy necklaces, candy lipstick and ring pops make fun favors for any type of party for little girls while wax lips and wax bottles are novelties any kid would enjoy.

by: Woodstock Candy

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Monday, June 4, 2012
Marilyn Monroe Lunch Box

Lunch boxes have been around for many years and have been used by many people of all ages. You will find that there are many great boxes that you can choose from that are made of many different things. Some are made of canvas type materials and some are made of metal. You will find lunch boxes for adults and those that are made for children.

Many adults may prefer to have an Elvis Presley lunch box or a Marilyn Monroe lunch box. You might find that the Elvis Presley lunch box and the Marilyn Monroe lunch box would be collector’s items, but of course if you still wanted to use them to take your lunch in that would be your choice. Metal lunch boxes that are in good condition and are from years gone by can be worth a lot of money and can be great collectors items for many people. An Elvis Presley lunch box and a Marilyn Monroe lunch box that are in pristine condition can bring a lot of money from avid collectors. Some other great lunch boxes for adults might be something like Hop A Long Cassidy or even Andy Griffith.

There are some great metal lunch boxes for kids that can be great collectors items too. Some of the older themes from Movies such as Star Wars or some musical bands such as the Monkeys might be a couple that are worth collecting.

Back in the day, no one probably ever thought that a lunch box could be worth a large amount of money. Today there are many that are being sought by avid collectors. You probably never imagined that the old box that your mother used to pack your lunch in would be come a much sought after collectible. You may recall your grandfather carrying one of the old lunch boxes that were made of silver metal, even those can be found in some of the antique stores and at flea markets with a price that is much higher than what it cost your grandparents to purchase.

Many women and girls are using the old collectible boxes as purses. They're very attractive and stylish these days and are perfect for holding their items. The next time that you are shopping for antiques or collectibles, keep your eyes peeled for old lunch kits that have become rare and must have items amongst today’s shoppers. You won't believe the value of them in today's market.

by: Woodstock Candy

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