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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Have you seen our new look lately? What do you think? We thought it was about time for a change, and that’s why we revamped the look and feel of the Woodstock Candy website. You can totally do the same thing with your life, too! Sometimes after going through the same daily routine for a long time, you need to make some changes to find peace and happiness within yourself. (Isn’t that what life’s all about, anyway? Peace, happiness… and candy, of course!) You can’t just change your design like we did (maybe you can get a new haircut, though), but you can make a few life changes that can really brighten your day.

Have you thought about taking up a sport? It doesn’t matter if it’s a team sport or something you do on your own. Taking up a sport will change your lifestyle and make you feel great about yourself.
Feel stuck in your job? You could try a career change, too. It’s a big decision, but it could ultimately change your life for the better. Do something that feeds your passion! (That’s why we got into the retro candy business, after all.)
Take up a new hobby or a fun activity. If you like taking pictures, get serious about photography. If you like listening to music, try learning the piano or the guitar. A hobby can help you find some great emotional balance.
Spending some time alone is healthy, too. You should take a few minutes to be by yourself and think about your day. Sweeten up your alone time with a few pieces of retro candy. It can help to relax you.

Now that we’ve changed out look, we have a whole new worldview! You can do the same for yourself, too. Take a cue from Woodstock Candy and make a change for the better.

by: Woodstock Candy

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Friday, July 22, 2011

Summer’s here, and everyone wants to get together. This is the time when there are so many family reunions going on! Did you know that retro candy can help make a family reunion even more special? Many people will spend time sharing stories about growing up together and what things were like when they were young. We have some ideas for foods and treats that can make the day even more special.

Favorite Treats

Ask the oldest members of the family what treats were popular or what their favorites were when they were young. You can find many of these seemingly “lost” candies here at Woodstock Candy. Ask the family if there are any stories to go along with the treats! Why did they love them so much? You might hear stories about Turkish Taffy from the counter at Woolworth’s, candy cigarettes, and NECCO Wafers. (Don’t worry, we’ve got all of those!)

Family Tree Cookies and Treats

If possible, draw a family tree on a tablecloth. Bake some sugar cookies shaped like leaves and write the name of each person in the family on the leaf in icing. Arrange them on the tablecloth tree. Be sure to bake a few extra and have some icing on hand for those extra folks that might have married into the family. Use some retro candy treats to act as berries and decorations on the tree.

Most of all, enjoy your family reunion!

by: Woodstock Candy

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Friday, July 15, 2011

The best candy movie out there is (hands down, really) Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. (If you want our opinion, the re-boot with Johnny Depp was good… but you just can’t match the original!) Willy Wonka is the master of sweet treats, fantasy, and a glorious candy wonderland. Have you ever thought about how you could put this dream to life for your kids? A Willy Wonka party is a fun way to celebrate the summer, childhood, and all things sweet. It’s easy to do it with retro candy from Woodstock Candy and a little bit of imagination.

First thing’s first… you need to stock up on candy! Look through our retro candy by brand section and choose the tasty treats that strike your fancy. (Don’t be stingy!)
You might want to buy (or rent) two chocolate fountains for the event. It can really add to the ambiance of the party. (Remember when the kid fell in the chocolate river? Don’t let that happen, though!)
If you can, find some Wonka posters and decorations. General posters of candy, chocolates, and bright colors work, too.
If possible, pick up a Candyland board game. It can be a great activity for the kids to play at the candy party.
Pop the Wonka movies in the DVD player, and have a blast!

Pick out the best retro candy and throw an awesome Wonka party!

by: Woodstock Candy

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Friday, July 8, 2011

Candy isn’t just for kids, you know. You enjoyed these sweet treats years ago during your childhood—but who says you have to stop now? In fact, why don’t you put a bit of an adult twist on some of your favorite childhood candies? Here’s a delicious take on the classic Almond Joy candy bar. Are you ready for an Almond Joy cocktail?

We’re sure you know that coffee and nut-flavored liquors and liqueurs are some of the most popular drink flavors in the world. They can produce some fun, exotic, and creative cocktails. One of our favorite such cocktails is the Almond Joy. (Why? Because it’s just like candy!) It combines amaretto and coffee cream to make a drink that’s wonderful with pastries and desserts—or just a late-evening get-together!

The Almond Joy
Add ½ oz of amaretto to a glass
Add ½ oz white crème de cacao to the glass
Pour 2 oz of light coffee cream into the mixture and stir

What’s even better than drinking an Almond Joy? You can pair it up with some of your favorite retro candies from Woodstock Candy for a truly sweet treat!

Have a great weekend, everybody. If you make an Almond Joy, let us know how it turned out. And if you have any other delicious candy cocktails, send them our way! (The recipes, that is.)

by: Woodstock Candy

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