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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Anyone born in 1974 will be turning 40 years old this year. Turning 40 has long been a dreaded age. Forty was once considered to be middle-age, assuming you expect (or hope) to live to be 80. Just think of all the changes, both good and bad, that have occurred over the last 40 years. Most modern music doesn’t sound like the music of the 70’s. Fashions, hair color and what about piercings? Anyone born in 1974 is probably not considering a belly-button ring, or even a tongue piercing, which is so common in 2014. On the other hand, there might be some forty-year-olds, in an attempt to stay young, that are coloring their hair with streaks of pink or blue as is the trend in 2014.

Fashion in 1974 was one of a kind. Bell bottom slacks and platform shoes were in style. The flared pants were popular with both men and women. The style was that they were frequently worn around the hips, below the waist, and were usually very tight fitting. The slacks got the name bell bottoms because the flare started at the knee and had the look of a bell as it got larger going down the lower leg to the ankle. This style was carried over from the late 60’s hippy trend.

Whatever the person turning 40 thinks about being a little older, anyone would enjoy a 1974 Hippies - 40th Birthday Gift. Reviews from people who have sent these gifts indicate they are quite appreciated and enjoyed by anyone turning 40. They are fun to send and even more fun to receive. There are many types of 1974 Hippies - 40th Birthday Gifts to choose from, a range of prices, and a variety of candies and toys remembered from that beloved year. They are also hand-packed in some version of a gift box that either indicates the year or the age of the birthday person. Face it 40-year-olds – you have hit that golden age you once thought was “old”, so why not enjoy it! 

by: Woodstock Candy

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

It can be hard to find a gift that is just right for someone who is turning 70. The ideal gift would be unique, and it would make the recipient feel young again rather than point out that another year has passed. Gift boxes of retro candy are just that kind of gift.

Boxes of retro candy are perfect to give as a gift, use as party favors, or send to those turning 70 this year. When given to anyone born in 1944, it immediately brings back a flood of memories. They are once again that little boy or girl peering into the candy case at the local soda shop or drug store. These gift boxes are filled with all their favorites from days gone by. This includes hits such as:

• Juicyfruit
• Violets
• Bonomo Turkish Taffy
• Chiclets
• Giant Taffy
• Pixy Stix
• Wax Bottles
• Chuckles
• Wax Lips
• Candy necklace
• Atomic Fireballs
• Neco Wafers

Sending one of these retro boxes to someone on their 70th birthday will be like delivering a smile to their door step. They will be thrilled to go through all the flavors they remember enjoying with their best friends.

Including any of the retro boxes from the Unique Gifts 70th Birthday Celebrate 1944 Nostalgic Candy selections in a birthday party will add instant fun. Those tuning 70 will reminisce over the good times these candies will bring to mind, while the younger crowd will love the retro feel (and the stories!).

One can choose from a variety of gift boxes. The Retro Candy Gifts for 70th Birthday Junior has 30 types of candy in it. All candy is shrink-wrapped in a decorative box that is ready for gift giving. The 70th Birthday Gift Celebration Box of Retro Candy includes 40 different flavors, and it also comes in a decorated box that’s perfect for giving or displaying at the party.

The 70th Birthday Party Favor Retro Nostalgic Candy comes in a smaller box entitled “Candy Memories from the 40’s.” When used as a party favor, it’s a great way to allow guests to take that “walk down memory lane” home with them. One thing's for sure, a good time is to be had by all!

by: Woodstock Candy

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Saturday, January 18, 2014

A Milestone birthday can be celebrated in simple and unique ways. Here are some 50th Birthday Ideas to Gift and Celebrate 1964 born boys and girls.

Generic 50th birthday invitations and party-ware are easily found in big box stores. Focus your attention on bringing 1964 to life with the music and popular themes of the year.

The British Invasion began in 1964 when the Beatles appeared on the "Ed Sullivan Show" in 1964. Music from 1964 is fun for all ages and easy to dance to. Play a selection that includes the Beatles, Beach Boys, Supremes, and Elvis Presley. Don't forget "The Girl From Ipanema", Grammy's Record of the Year in 1964.

G. I. Joe was introduced that year and sitting amidst Barbie and Troll dolls (also introduced in 1964) would make a nostalgic and fun table decoration. Also, look for toy Mustangs, Ford Galaxie and Thunderbird cars and muscle cars like the Pontiac GTO, all popular 50 years ago.

If a special theme is chosen, try a tropical island as in "Gilligan's Island" or a haunted house like "The Addams Family" or "The Munsters" all of which debuted in 1964. Serve standard party finger foods and throw in a few theme foods like pineapple skewers or gummy worms.

Retro candy and foods are a great way to fire up childhood memories. Many stores and online companies still sell the candy we grew up with including candy necklaces, cigarettes, Zotz, Sixlets (now gluten free!), Chuckles and Nik-L-Nip. Ritz crackers, American cheese, Vienna sausages and Bugles are nostalgic. If serving more hearty fare try macaroni and cheese with cut-up hot dogs, iceberg wedge salad, or Swedish meatballs.

These 50th Birthday Party Ideas will help you to celebrate 1964 with your party guests and honoree. You might even seek their help as half the fun in a party is in the planning! Reminders of a simpler time in their life will surely bring lots of birthday smiles. 

by: Woodstock Candy

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Monday, January 13, 2014

There are some pretty crazy 50th birthday ideas lurking around. Given the spectrum of personal birthday gift preferences, there is but one truly affordable, highly and humorously recommended, and painlessly plain and simple way to celebrate a very happy 50th birthday. Please welcome the second oldest profession in the world in fine print - creatively written and hilariously inspired funny jokes and poems, ingeniously designed for those turning 50 and just waiting for that perfect funny gift.

As it turns out, turning 50 is actually something to laugh about, according to some of the world's funniest authors. Get special birthdays like the good old Number 50 started on the right foot with a few chucklesome hits above the belt. Be prepared for college roaring laughter to reach its funny bone potential from the sheer delight of a handful of good, old-fashioned jokes and poems. There is no better time like the present to get those giggle boxes turning over for a fabulously happy 50th birthday.

It is hard to resist humor about aging. This 50th Birthday Poems Jokes is one dynamic and well written little "over the hill” book for people turning 50. If anything, turning 50 is the perfect time to reacquaint, reconnect and recognize what humor is all about!

Entertain and celebrate the joyful moments of turning 50 with comical authors such as Charles Schultz and Ogden Nash. Enjoy the wit and flippant antics of authors like Henny Youngman and Glenn Dorenbush. They just don't make befitting, comedic-inspired and whimsical writers like those from the 20th century anymore.

Bask in the laughter which can't be denied with this mood lifting repertoire of endlessly hilarious poems and jokes. Give yourself and others the gift of this priceless slap sticky book of 50th Birthday Poems and Jokes right away. Once that 50th year rolls around, there's no time to waste waiting for the best jokes and poems around. Feel free to laugh it up, live it up and enjoy turning 50 with this sunny, side-splitting bunch of silliness. Make this the funniest year of a lifetime.

by: Woodstock Candy

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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Retro candy gift boxes specialize in celebrating and sharing the many confectionery treats of years gone by that are still being manufactured today. Customers can go online and place orders for candy gift boxes filled with desserts of a particular decade, and either use them to remember the pasts they once lived in, or else to experience something new and exciting from a time in which they did not personally participate. Perhaps a loved one's special birthday. The gift boxes are popular as birthday presents, holiday gifts, get well care packages, anniversary treats and much more. These gifts have received a great deal of praise from nostalgic candy lovers for their concept, the types of candy included, and the excellent experience that they provide.

Now you can Personalize Your Retro Candy Gift Box Celebration Year. Not only can customers order candy boxes containing candy from a certain decade, they can make the experience even more meaningful by choosing a significant year to be printed on the box. This can be a birth year or another important year that has special meaning to the buyer or the giftee. It's a thoughtful and perfect gift for anniversaries, birthdays, graduation celebrations, retirement parties and many more life events. Personalized retro candy gift boxes also make an ideal treasure for class reunions, parties for fondly remembered years gone past and other gatherings. After all...this is a gift that wants to be shared!

The personalized candy gift boxes are emblazoned with artwork specifically made for birthdays or anniversaries. A special menu is available on the order form to select a specific year, in order to include candy that began production starting with that year. An option is also available to include a personalized message, if the box is to be a gift rather than a treat for the buyer.

If you or someone you know is feeling nostalgic about times past, a celebration of the candy from the good old days may be just the thing to brighten a day in the here and now. Look into personalizing your retro candy gift box and start some new!

by: Woodstock Candy

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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Is there a special someone celebrating a milestone birthday soon? Does someone need a little boost in the right direction to get in the party spirit? What better way to help join in the fun than by purchasing sunglasses, hats, and/or a wig to get in the party spirit! Happy birthday retro sunglasses and hats are just what the party doctor ordered.

Is your birthday boy or girl hitting the big 30? 40? 50, 60, 70 or even 80 years old? Nothing says "deal with it" or "aging and proud" quite like a pair of happy birthday sunglasses! Chose the sparkle version to add even more personality (and attitude)! To crank up the fun look at purchasing a happy birthday cake hat complete with bright colors and birthday cake candles. Extra special golden birthdays are recognized with the "golden oldie" cake hat adorned with gold candles and a gold rim. Other happy birthday hats include happy birthday rainbow birthday hat and happy birthday girl tiara. To encourage all party revelers to join in the fun, chose between the pot leaf marijuana hat, baseball hat with grey wig, adult bucket hat with grey hair, grey visor hat with blonde Afro hair, tan visor hat with grey Afro hair, flower power hippie hat, or 60's mod retro hat.

If the birthday celebrated isn't necessarily a milestone but party guests want to make a bold statement regardless, check out sunglasses that leave no one wondering who wants to party! Sunglasses with an edge that make a statement are sure to trigger notice and will no doubt spark a conversation with even the shiest of folks. Choose from 80's style sunglasses, over the hill birthday glasses, hologram happy smiley face glasses, guitar glasses, or glittered rock and roll diva sunglasses. Purchase these fun birthday hats, wigs and sunglasses for party guests and know with certainty that this party is going to be one for the record books!

by: Woodstock Candy

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Thursday, January 2, 2014

The recuperation time after surgery can be long and tedious. Patients faced with the advice to "take it easy" may find their spirits sinking as they wait for their bodies to heal. For friends and family looking for ways to offer encouragement to bed ridden patient, get well surgery candy gift baskets do the trick. The indulgent yet affordable present conjures up images of care-free days of childhood and is sure to bring a smile of pleasure to a loved one who is recovering from surgery.

Nostalgic Candy Gift Baskets

Every convalescent benefits from a bit of pampering. For older patients, candy gift baskets with a nostalgic theme are ideal. The presentation of a gift of childhood treats like Pixy Stix, Pop Rocks and Chuckles will make a recovering family member or friend smile with delight. A nostalgic candy gift basket or box lets the patient know that the giver put some time into choosing the perfect present. The recipient will appreciate the thought behind the gift as much as the candy's sweet taste, especially when the gift is topped off with a cheerful get-well-soon message.

Sweet Treats for Children

For children recovering from surgery, no present is more welcome than a gaily decorated box or basket of their favorite candies. Gifts of candy help children put the challenges of surgery behind them and look forward to better days ahead. Whether it's Skittles, Dots or Smarties, candies are sweet treats that make children feel cared for and confident as they make progress towards returning to good health.

Recuperating from surgery can require many days or even weeks of convalescence. Get well surgery candy gift baskets that come with a wide assortment of different types of candy help speed the recovery time along and allow caregivers to share in the fun as well. When it comes to keeping spirits raised after surgery, few presents are more effective than the sweet gift of candy.

by: Woodstock Candy

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