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Tuesday, May 28, 2013
 When people think about giving unique and nostalgic gifts, candy is not always the first thing that comes to mind. Despite this being the case, giving candy as a gift can be extremely rewarding - especially if the gift brings back good memories. Candy is a great way to show someone that they are being thought of without going overboard or being too extravagant. From introducing young people to the candy of yesterday to putting a smile onto an older person's face as they remember counting out their pennies to buy their favorite items, old timey candy brands are ideal for everyone.

Today's candy is totally different from that of years ago. With extensive color and flavor choices, people today have an overwhelming number of decisions to make when it comes to choosing a sweet treat. Having so many choices has not always been the case, and people quickly cultivated favorite choices when visiting their local candy shop or grocery store. Nostalgic candy types include chocolates, mints, fruit flavors and licorice - the same things that are widely available today, but the older varieties being of a  much higher quality. Today's children grew up with Warheads and Skittles, but may not even know what a root beer barrel or candy buttons are. Sadly, it seems that people nowadays choose quantity over quality, which was not the case when many of the retro candies were first available.

Sometimes a nostalgic gift can be enough to completely change a person's mood. Sure, people enjoy getting gifts no matter what they are, but something that reminds them of a previous time can serve many purposes. It can make them think about how they felt or acted "way back when" or it can bring back memories of people and places that they knew or visited. Giving candy is a good way to bring back memories because it will do something for multiple senses at the same time. Seeing, tasting and even smelling a piece of candy could be enough to recall a flood of memories - and bring joy and energy back into a person's life. 

Many older types of candy are not widely produced anymore, and this can make finding them exceptionally difficult. Giving someone a basket filled with the types of candy that they used to enjoy but have not had in a long time will prove that not only have the things that they talk about been understood, but that they stuck with the person that decided to give the gift. Not only will old fashioned candy give them a taste of their past, but it can even allow them to share a bit of that with people that aren't familiar with it. 

The gift of an assortment of nostalgic candies should not be reserved for birthdays or anniversaries - they are perfect for office gifts, get well tokens, or just because. A small look into the past is enough for people to relive it, and having a few pieces of candy to munch on while reminiscing cannot possibly be a bad thing for anyone involved.

by: Woodstock Candy

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013
The right look, for both men and women, boils down to how an outfit is enhanced with accessories. Though different items are used for men and women; it’s those extra touches that help make any outfit seem completely polished and pulled together. Even the most casual look can be made all the more stylish when those just right items are paired with the clothing for a completely personalized and trendy look.

One of the hottest trends that keeps coming back time and time again; and is in full swing lately is the look of the 80's. Though many people jokingly thought the 80's fashion sense of neon, leg warmers, acid wash jeans and big sunglasses went out with the new decade known as the 90's it seems many people simply crave that fun and friendly look that defined that era.

The top accessory item from that unique and fun decade of the past is perhaps 80s style sunglasses. These were key and crucial for everyone during that time and you very rarely saw anyone step foot outside without donning a pair to match their look for the day. The 80's were more about style, color, fun and getting noticed as opposed to functionality and that is what makes that era so beloved.

Men can opt for 80s style sunglasses that bring back memories of fond movies and television shows that brought well dressed and slick celebrities to the forefront of fashion. The 80's ushered in a new era for men where they finally started to care once again about how they dressed and what they looked like. Men in the 80's treasured those wire rimmed aviator sunglasses that gave them a cool, confident and exotic look.

Women in the 80's wore sunglasses to express their sense of style and enhance outfits. This is still true to this day as many women nowadays seek out those 80s style sunglasses as a way to inject a little levity and a sampling of the past in to their current look. In fact, just adding that simple pair of glasses brings memories of the past flooding back for not only the one wearing the glasses but everyone they pass by. Sunglasses were so popular in the 80s there was even a song about them and thus people wore them day and night; no matter where they were, what they were doing, who they were with or how they were dressed.

It is very rare that an era or generation can invoke such fond and fun memories and the 80's are most definitely one of those times. The music, the clothing, the celebrities all had a look and style that was never seen before and has yet to be really replicated. The right sunglasses make any outfit and when you opt for a nostalgic twist for your own look you bring a new sense of style.

by: Woodstock Candy

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Friday, May 17, 2013
Popeye the Sailorman was born in the comic strip Thimble Theatre and became their star in a manner of moments. He quickly rose in popularity all the way up to the silver screen, and then onto the TV screen with those black and white cartoons, with the help of Max and Dave Fleisher in 1933. 

Who was this seemingly simple man? Well, for one, he was very intelligent even if he did not show it off; he demonstrated skills that surpassed scientists and investigators, especially if Olive Oyl's life depended on it. Bluto, as you will remember was a constant villain who kept trying to take Olive Oyl away from Popeye. Olive Oyl was such a gullible girl, and at first, she always fell for Bluto's advancements but then quickly realized that she belonged to Popeye, especially when he came tooting his tune, from that pipe that never left his mouth, except to consume that magic elixir of strength -  SPINACH!

It's wonderful to remember all of those great television shows, comic strips and radio stories that Popeye was a part of. He was a hero to Olive all the time but then came the time when Popeye sailed the Atlantic Ocean to help the Americas beat the enemies of the States during World War II. Popeye had a number of mediums by which he reached his fans besides his cartoons because he also had a toy line. These toys were great, very realistic, and represented the Popeye of the comics or cartoons. There were other characters that were also represented in toys such as Wimpy; you remember him right? The guy who loves to mooch and promise payments tomorrow in his quest for hamburgers today? Don’t forget Bluto's brother, Brutus. Who can forget about Swee'Pea? Yeah, that wonderfully mischievous yet perfectly suited child of Popeye that was dropped off at his door but had absolutely no connection to Olive.  Those were innocent days, for sure.

Don't worry; these toys are 3 dimensional and fully realized in Technicolor, the better to enjoy the detail of their craftsmanship. They have much more value to them than mere toys; they transcend time. They can take those who remember Popeye's golden age back to when they were children. A time when they would beg their parents for cans of spinach to gain superhuman strength and save Olive Oyl...usually their sister. That is what Popeye gifts are capable of...they are capable of bringing forth the beauty of a memory.

Popeye gifts are a wonderful little present for a baby Boomer but Popeye gifts are not the only thing you can think of, of course. Don’t forget the wonderfully innocent yet sexy Betty Boop? Mortimer the mouse; he evolved into Mickey Mouse. On that same note, Donald Duck made a splash during those days. Which, of course leads to the question – why didn’t Donald wear pants and Mickey not wear a shirt? What about Felix the Cat  or Superman, who was born in 1933. Who can forget Buck Rogers or Dick Tracy? The golden age has passed but has not died and will survive the times because memory is eternal and it lives within us...sometimes all we need is a little toy to bring out buried memories.

by: Woodstock Candy

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Thursday, May 16, 2013
Thirty is no longer considered old, but it is old enough. For some, the idea of their life just starting is exciting and for others, they plan to be 29 forever. No matter what, it is still a milestone birthday and needs to be celebrated. So what kind of ideas are there for 30th birthday gag gifts for women?

There are the traditional coffee mugs and clothing items with sayings on them. The sayings very depending on if your “Birthday Woman” is happy about her birthday or not so happy. There are party buttons as well. But you know you can do better than that!

Do you want to be a little more creative with your gag gift? If your birthday woman is not happy about turning 30, make a bouquet of 30 lollipops and attach a tag that says “30 SUCKS”. For a woman who is sweet on turning 30, fill a box with candy that was popular in the 80s. A bottle of wine with a card or label, which says this too has gotten better with age, would be a creative and sweet gift idea.

Gift baskets filled with popular items from the 80s make good 30th birthday gag gifts for women. Women will remember Aqua Net hairspray and hair scrunchies. Blue eye shadow and hair gel would be good basket fillers. Do not forget the leg warmers and a pair of mismatched earrings. A basket filled with the music and movies from the 80s would certainly be a welcomed blast from the past.

What is a birthday without a new toy? Or in this case an old toy revisited. A Strawberry Shortcake doll, a Care Bear, Smurf doll, or My Little Pony may have her longing for her childhood. A Rubik’s Cube would be fun too. The “Birthday Woman” will not be the only one to want to play with that toy.

There are many books on the subject of turning 30 as well. From advice on everything that should have been done to what to do now that you are 30. Find one that fits the personality of the recipient.

Turning 30 is one of those birthdays that are never forgotten. Gag gifts will help the recipient remember and cherish her day. Depending on the gift, it also helps her to remember the special memories of her childhood. No woman enjoys getting older and definitely does not enjoy admitting that she is getting older, but with fun and thoughtful gag gifts, she will enjoy her day.

by: Woodstock Candy

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Thursday, May 2, 2013
Turning 50 is seen as a big milestone in society. While many see it as the beginning of old age, others see it as marker of maturity and life experience. Celebrating it is one of the big memories in life, but finding the right gift for someone turning the big 5-0 can difficult for some. What you choose to get someone should reflect their interests, likes, and even their sense of humor.  Here are some ideas for special 50th birthday gifts.

As we get older we get a lot more memories but some of the fondest are often t
hose from childhood. Things like toys, food, and candy are best remembered. This makes giving a basket of retro candy a creative edge. It caters to things the birthday man or woman likes, enjoys, and brings back those good old memories of days gone by. Using this idea, you can either buy a pre-made basket specifically made with retro candy from 50 years back or you can find out just what your family member or friend likes and custom tailor it to their long lived preferences. This concept could also work well as party favors and treats laid out at a 50th birthday party. Kids and adults alike are bound to enjoy this gift idea.

If you know it will go over OK, then you can appeal to the humorous side of being 50, old, and "over the hill" as the saying goes. It's pretty simple to find special 50th birthday gift ideas using this concept. It's found in cards, award ribbons, gift baskets, and more. One funny way of doing this is by doing '50 sucks' basket. This is simply giving a basket full of fifty different lollipop suckers with a card saying 50 sucks. Humor relieves tension and stress as well as bringing a smile to many faces.

For individuals who are completely and totally blank as what to give a man or woman for their 50th birthday there is the good old standby, money. Money can be used for whatever purpose a person pleases and for their own personal enjoyment. One way to make giving money a little more personal to the occasion is to give them $50, a dollar for each year they have lived here on Earth. You can give it any way you want using a standard $50 or otherwise, though some may find it more funny or interesting to give it in 50 individual $1 bills. How much you may choose to give a person is your own choice but this is a simple and easy solution for the undecided gift giver.

Fifty can be a really fun age. Typically at this age most people are quite independent and know who they are. It's a time of adventure and celebrating 50 is an accomplishment, even if some folks are panicked about reaching that point. Special 50th birthday gift ideas are not that hard to find with a just little bit of searching. Have fun looking for the right present!

by: Woodstock Candy

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