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Thursday, May 26, 2011

One of our favorite signers celebrates a birthday today, May 26th. The amazing Stevie Nicks turns 63. Can you really believe she’s 63? Well, in honor of our little songbird… (Wait a second, Christine McVie did “Songbird”!) we thought we might run down some of our favorite “sweet” Stevie Nicks songs.

I wonder if she’d like a retro candy gift box as a sweet birthday present?

Sweet Stevie Nicks Songs
“Cheaper than Free” This song is from her new album… and it makes us think back to the days when penny candy really cost a penny. That was ALMOST free!
“Crystal” Kind of like the sugary goodness of Pop Rocks.
“Every Day” This is just how often we eat retro candy.
“I Can’t Wait” This is how you feel when your box of candy from Woodstock Candy comes in the mail.
“Rock a Little” Again with the Pop Rocks! (Only we Rock a LOT.)
“Say You Will” …give me some more candy.
“Sister Honey” Sweet!
“Sweet Girl”
“Whole Lotta Trouble” This is what you’ll be in if you take someone else’s candy.

So, happy birthday Miss Stevie Nicks! Here’s hoping you see many, many more!

by: Woodstock Candy

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

We’re proud to have paired up with a great blogger recently. Lindsey from So Easy Being Green used some of our retro candy at little Sophia’s first birthday party. (AKA the Rock ‘N Roll 1st Birthday Party.) She set up a few retro candy stations around the party area, and even scattered some around the cake.

Lindsey lists her favorite candies as: LemonHeads, Candy Cigarettes, Sugar Daddies, Fun Dip, Wax Lips, Zots, and Wax Bottles. She used four boxes of 1950s candy for the party, and hardly had any left! (That’s what we call a party!)

Do you want to win a box of candy like the ones Lindsey used at her party? Then hop on over to her blog and enter the giveaway. One of her lucky readers is going to win a 1950s retro candy gift box. Her giveaway ends on Monday, May 30th—so get to it!

Our retro candy gift boxes are great for birthdays, anniversaries, Father’s Day, graduation parties, and so much more. With a little bit of candy, you can have a whole lot of fun.

by: Woodstock Candy

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

We throw nostalgic ideas around a lot here at Woodstock Candy. But what does that word really mean? You know that our retro candy can make you feel nostalgic for your childhood. The word “nostalgic” is an adjective that describes the desire to go back to a sentimental place or time. (Sounds a lot like our candy, doesn’t it?)

A bit about nostalgia
Nostalgia can just be a mental journey to the past, or it can be a yearning to visit a place full of memories. Our retro candy can send you on a mental journey with a little taste of the physical. (Beats hopping on a plane whenever you feel nostalgic, that’s for sure!)

Nostalgic thoughts, like candy, are all about ideals. When you get nostalgic, you remember the past in its most ideal form. You’ll see and think about happy faces, warm sunshine, and other pleasant things… like candy.

The word “nostalgia” comes from the Greek words nostos and algos. Nostos means “going home,” and algos means “pain.” So nostalgia is literally a painful yearning to go home again.

The word was first used in 1688 by Johannes Hofer. He was a Swiss doctor… he defined nostalgia as a condition of being homesick.

What do you do when you’re feeling nostalgic? You munch on some retro candy, that’s what!

by: Woodstock Candy

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Here at Woodstock Candy, we like to remember the positive things about the 1950s. We were snacking on some of our favorite retro candy treats this afternoon, and we got to thinking about some 1950s nostalgia.

So, here it goes!

We could drink water from the tap and we didn’t think anything of it.
Medicine bottles didn’t have childproof lids. (And, to this day, that’s a misnomer. They’re more adult-proof than anything!)
There weren’t any seatbelts in cars.
Soda had so much sugar in it!
We ate real, honest-to-goodness white bread—complete with real butter! And we drank whole milk.
We didn’t have cell phones, and we spent most of the day playing with our friends. Our parents knew we’d be safe.
We rode bikes with no helmets.
Penny candy really was a penny.
We didn’t have video games, but we could spend hours making a go-kart or new tree swing.
If we got cut or bruised while we were playing, we just put a bandage on it and went about our business. It was all part of being a kid!

And, lest we forget: THE CANDY. We “smoked” candy cigarettes and bubblegum cigars. We lived on Pixy Stix, Root Beer Barrels, and Charleston Chew.

by: Woodstock Candy

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