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Friday, November 29, 2013

Even in this modern day and age, many people love everything about vintage fashion and style. That’s because vintage is not only fashionable, but also versatile. That applies also in the case of retro candy box selections. There are an endless variety of retro themed candy boxes available in the market. You will find some classic and old-fashioned candy boxes, and some themed ones as well. If your plan is to buy a unique candy box to gift someone special, then consider buying retro candy boxes.

Selections of retro inspired candy boxes include a number of varieties including those classic 1950’s inspired ones, to those beautiful pop-rock inspired ones. In short, you will find a wide array of retro themed candy boxes to select from. Therefore, finding something unique and interesting will not be a difficult task for you.

If you look through the classic vintage retro themed candy boxes, then you will come across those hula hoops, twist, drive-in, Mickey Mouse Club, and Simon Says retro candy boxes. In addition to that, you will find some excellent collections of old-fashioned candy boxes including those 80’s rock and pop inspired ones.

If you remember the classic styles of the 1960’s, then you will be surprised to find some in the list of 60’s inspired candy boxes. Choices include smiley faces, hippies, etch-a-sketch, the Beatles, flower power, and even the skateboarding themed retro inspired candy boxes. Each one comes with some classic candies with a number of new flavors. If your dad or grandpa is celebrating his next birthday, then these classic candy boxes are a perfect gift option. This unique gift will surely refresh their memories.

Giving these candy boxes will certainly show your love and affection for that someone special. He or she will surely love to look back through their past experiences while sharing their “sweet” gift! Such a classic retro themed candy box will surely remind them of life’s moments.
If you love to think back to the good old days, get a box of candy filled with some memorable moments and nostalgic memories. You will surely find these classic candy boxes a best gift option. Imagine gifting your grandpa or dad with a 1956 Thunderbird candy box filled with all his favorite classic candies including candy necklaces, candy cigarettes, and candy buttons, gobstoppers, wonka bars, and even those decadent waxy candies. These retro-inspired candy boxes are no doubt one of the best gift ideas that you can buy for your “someone special”. Many candy stores now also allow customizing options. Some stores will let you make some changes to the candy box, its logo, or even the types of candies in it.

Give the gift of retro candies and fun memories today!

by: Woodstock Candy

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Surprise, surprise! A wrapped gift box was left on the dining room table. The sweet aroma is clearly recognizable…candy!
These sweet scents bring back memories of some of the most popular candies of the 1950’s. They were purchased back in the day from supermarkets, the ice cream parlors, or the neighborhood corner store.

When the gift box is unwrapped the reminiscing begins. Mmmm… the Baby Ruths, Almond Joy's, Snickers, Hershey's Chocolate Bars with Almonds, and the Mr. Goodbars are all candies mixed with peanuts or almonds and then coated or dipped in sweet smooth chocolate. They’re an ingenious way to satisfy both cravings. The 3 Musketeers Bars, Hershey Chocolate Bars, Hershey Kisses are only a few of the chocolate sensations that make the tummy yummy and the lips curl into a satisfied smile.

The boxes of Lemon Head candy, Sour Cherries, Jolly Ranchers and Sweetarts were a joy to see displayed on the shelf behind the store counter. Those were the good times, eating them by the handful. The tart flavors mixed with the sweet ones make the mouth tingle.

The candy necklaces and bracelets were in between the Wack-O-Wax Lips and the Gum Drops. Eating them while having fun with your friends was such a cool thing to do. The Swizzle sticks, Blow Pops, Candy Buttons on paper, Pixy Stix and the Flav-R-Straws taste real swell too. Remember the great 'sugar high? Now days it’s called a 'sugar rush'.

One of the most famous candy's on a stick is the world renown Tootsie Roll Pop. This is the champion of lollipops because it has two candies in one. A flavored hard candy shell of cherry, orange, pineapple, grape and other flavors, and in the middle of the Tootsie Pop was a chewy chocolate center. Trying to take the time to lick the candy shell down to the chocolate center is often difficult. The outer shell of the Tootsie Roll Pop is so delightfully delicious. Biting the shell and mixing it with the chocolate candy center is called a 'smooth move'.
Wait, these candies have even more company. The Chocolate and Vanilla Turkish Taffy, the Sugar Daddy, known as the 'all day sucker' are long lasting candies that you can enjoy for more than just a few minutes.

Looking for a soft candy to pop in the mouth and roll around on the tongue enjoying their rich flavor? There are so many to choose from, but Gum Drops, Dots, JUJUBES, still delight the taste buds and join the popular list of sweet confections.

The popular candy in the 1950's is as great now as it was back then. Are you ready for another treat? Butter Mints, Peppermints and Chocolate mints melt on the tongue. These mouth watering sweeties leave the mouth cool and the breath refreshed.

To make the taste buds and tongue dance to a different tune, keep in mind that Red Hots and Fire Balls will do the trick.

Memories are wonderful when coupled with the sweet temptations of these fine 1950’s candies. Share them, and a memory, with a friend, or better yet, share them with a grandchild for the first time. Watch their eyes get big, and their smiles light their face, as they take their first bite!

by: Woodstock Candy

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Monday, November 25, 2013

The 60's were a great time in American culture. There were so many big events that took place during this era that made the US what it is today. From the music, to political events, to new technologies, the 60's are time that so many of us will never forget. It is fun to go back and take a look at fun facts about the 60 s. There are many fun facts about the 60's that really made this decade stand out.

There were so many advancements in the 1960's. John Glenn was the first astronaut to orbit the earth, traveling our orbit 7 times. The first US rocket landed on the moon, and John Glenn was there as well. This was a huge step for the US in the cold war space race against the Russians. This whole space race was started with the launch and orbit of Russian space satellite Sputnik.

There were many different things that made the average American, the middle class. About 90 percent of the American population finally owned a television set. The minimum wage was set at $1.25 an hour. It was so much different than the minimum wage of our day and age. The median family income was also 6,000 dollars a year. This is almost the median income of families every month in 2013.

New technologies took Americans by storm in the 60's. One of the greatest new technologies was color Polaroid film. This film developed in just about one minute, giving the first instant photography to those who were taking photos. We are much luckier now with digital cameras which can take a photo and we can instantly see the results. The new advancements of television gave opportunities for individuals and families to see what they have never seen before. First lady Jackie Kennedy gave a virtual tour of the white house to Americans over TV. Over 46 million Americans tuned in for this tour of the white house.

There were also many firsts in the 60s. The first Wal-Mart store was opened, which has now turned into a retailer mega store. The first K mart was also opened. In Houston, plastic surgeons used the first silicone breast implant on a human. The first Beatles record was released. It was their single, "Love me Do." A musical revolution started and much of it is considered the sound of legends like no other. Does anyone remember Woodstock? Rumor has it, that if you said yes to this question, that you weren't there!

Things sure did cost a lot less back in the day. A semesters worth of tuition at Harvard cost just around $1,000 and now a days it would cost around $30,000. A new car would cost just around $2,500, where as a new car now is going to run you around $25,000.

Life seemed to be much simpler back in the 60's. Things weren't so complicated with so many different fast paced options. It was much easier to live a simple life and feel satisfied. Life was more  basic, but modernization was on it's way. There wasn't really any big new thing you had to get every week, at least by today’s standards. The 60's were such a great time.

by: Woodstock Candy

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Birthdays tend to become less exciting as we become older, but those decade milestones are difficult not to try to make special. A 70th birthday certainly is cause to celebrate, and if you are giving that 70 year old in your life a party, look for some 70th birthday party favor ideas.

If you really want to bring a sparkle to the birthday girl's or boy's eyes, see if you can find some candy from their childhood. If you look, you will be able to find candy from the 1940's that we don't usually see in the stores today. They will be surprised to munch on a candy cigarette like they did as a tot. Boston baked beans to us is a 4th of July side dish, but to them it was a delicious candy treat. Some packages have up to 40 different kinds of candy especially chosen from their generation. A gift like this is sure to make them smile. After sampling some themselves, they can pass it out to their friends to share as party favors.

Other things to consider to help lighten the atmosphere of a 70th birthday would be some funky shaped glasses. You can get some with a seven over one eye and a zero over the other. There won't be any confusion over who is the birthday boy or girl at that party.

Another option for a fun party would be an entertaining centerpiece. You could find a fun bear that can sing and dance to Happy Birthday. If you want something edible and nostalgic, consider a bowl filled with candy from the 1940's. The guest of honor is sure to have some friends that would find great memories in that bowl. Another great way to inspire memories is to play music from their youth. Try to find out who their favorite musicians were when they were younger and have some songs ready at the party. It will certainly help bring them back.

Finally use some pictures to help them remember great times. Whether you do a poster, have a screen scrolling through some youthful images or create a scrapbook, pictures are a wonderful way to help your birthday guests celebrate.

Making a 70 year old's birthday special doesn't have to be difficult. Look to bring up good memories through candies they can't find today, music from their youth and pictures of good memories. Have fun centerpieces and gag glasses to make them laugh. Most of all, spending time with him or her and their friends will help create the best memory of all.

by: Woodstock Candy

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Friday, November 15, 2013

For some of our family and friends it is simple to know just what to buy them for Christmas or a special birthday. However, for some people, figuring out just what to get them to make their day special can be a real challenge. Maybe you are not sure what they want or maybe they just seem to have everything. Coming up with the right idea can be downright mind boggling. A fun idea for a unique and special birthday gift is candy! Candy birthday gifts are the perfect idea to please anyone with a sweet tooth. They are easy to send, easy to customize and fun for anyone.

Candy birthday gifts are unique

While we have all heard of flowers or balloons as a birthday gift, many of us have not considered candy. Very few people have received a basket of delicious, sweet candy as a treat on their special day. Choosing to send candy as a birthday present will be something new and exciting for someone you love. It will be a fun surprise.

It is a gift for anyone

Although it is especially fun to send a candy birthday present to a loved one this is also a gift that can be sent to someone you do not know well. A work associate, a far away relative or someone you are just getting to know; these are all people who would enjoy the gift of candy.

Candy Christmas gifts can be specialized for each person

A great aspect of sending candy for a Christmas gift is how customizable a candy gift can be. You can create a basket of sweet treats or a bouquet of lollipops. Perhaps your best friend loves nothing better than chocolate. Then gourmet chocolates would be a perfect gift. For a milestone birthday a box of nostalgic candies that takes your loved one back to their youth can be a very special idea.

Candy is easy to send

If your loved one lives far away candy is the perfect way to say how much you care. It can be sent almost anywhere and is easy to deliver. Because it doesn’t have the restrictions of flowers or a fruit basket a candy birthday gift is easy to send to someone you love.

Candy is just downright fun

The best part of the gift of candy is how fun it is. Flowers only last a few days and fruit baskets lack fun. Candy is something almost everyone can enjoy and it can last several weeks. That way your loved one can enjoy it for long after their birthday has come and gone. Each day they can enjoy a piece of candy you specifically chose for them and remember how much you love them.

by: Woodstock Candy

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013
Giving nostalgic gifts can ignite feelings and memories of when a person was a child. When a person is reminded of their younger life it can be one of the greatest feelings in the world. It can take them back into a time that will forever now be associated with you. Giving something like that is a gift that will go miles. Giving something like this can be great on any day, but holidays are always the absolute best times for this. With days like Christmas coming up giving things such as a person's favorite candy that they grew up eating can be an excellent way to remind them how much you care and how much you remember the things they love.

Nostalgic gifts can be a great connection to what a person feels. Studies have shown that feelings of nostalgia can increase empathy due to them standing as a reminder that life was to them, much happier at one point. It should take the person back to a simpler time that makes them feel warmth and happiness and takes them away from the stress and harshness of their standard living. This all generally leaves people more open to doing things for others and being willing to see all sides of things rather than just their side. People will quickly come to love you if you should get them the right nostalgic gift.
There are many great ideas to take someone back down memory road with. Earlier mentioned was the option of favorite childhood candies but things such as a trip to somewhere they often visited when they were younger, watching a childhood movie with them, or finding their old photo collection and putting it together so that they can visually stroll down their past are all great way ways to connect and make a person feel like they're young again. These gifts aren't just gifts they're a complete series of emotion that allow someone to see themselves in an old light temporarily.

Giving someone the perfect nostalgic gift can be a tender and oftentimes difficult task but if you care about someone enough and you know enough to get them something special you'll get their thanks in a way that is better than any gift could ever hope to be. They'll never forget how you took them back to their beginnings, and you'll never forget the smile that came with that feeling. Good luck with your nostalgic gifts and let it be the gift that makes your loved one the happiest.

by: Woodstock Candy

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Friday, November 8, 2013
Here are some toys of the 1950s , that are remembered so fondly by those who grew up with them.

The Barbie doll came out in 1958. Ruth Handler, a co-founder of the Mattel Company, named the doll for her daughter, Barbie. The Barbie doll was designed to be a dimensional type of paper doll for dressing up with pretty clothes.

Play Doh was designed as a non-toxic wallpaper cleaner that was reusable in 1955. That year, Play Doh was used as a harmless substitute for clay for modeling. The McVicker brothers manufactured Play Doh under Rainbow Crafts Company. At first, Play Doh came in white only but now it comes in many bright colors.

In 1870, William Russel Frisbie, a baker, put the family surname on the reusable pie plates with the hope that when a housewife saw his name, she would want to buy a ready made pie and not bake a pie. In the 1940's, Yale students starting throwing and catching the Frisbie pie tins. In the 1950's, William Frederick Morrison made a disk shaped like a saucer and sold his idea to Wham-O which sold the disks. The president of Wham-O saw the pie plates being thrown and caught at Yale. Upon his return to California, he renamed the plastic disks. The second “i” was changed to an”e”, thus the name Frisbee. The Frisbee is still a very popular toy.

When on a trip to Australia, a friend of the president of Wham-O saw children turning bamboo hoops about their waists while exercising. In 1958,Wham-O produced 15 million hula hoops in bright colors.

After much perseverance George Lerner made Mr. Potato Head a favorite toy. Lerner first created plastic face parts to be put on fruits and vegetables. The toy companies thought that parents would be too cautious about using food to play with after World War II. Lerner sold his plastic toys to a cereal company. He didn't give up on his idea. Lerner pitched his idea to Hasbro which was a small company at that time. After buying back his plastic face parts from the cereal company, Hasbro advertised Mr. Potato Head on television in 1952. At first, the Mr. Potato Head toy used a potato for the plastic face parts. Eight years later, a plastic body was included the the toy.
Mr. Potato Head is beloved.

In 1927, PEZ was a mint dispenser invented by Edward Haas, an Austrian candy maker. Oskar Uxa, an employee of PEZ changed the dispenser to resemble a cigarette lighter. In 1955,PEZ decided to put heads on the dispensers and sell them to children.  PEZ dispensers are popular collectibles with new designs being created all the time.

All these toys of the 1950s were lasting ideas and are still being sold and used.                    

by: Woodstock Candy

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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Candy is a fun way to celebrate someone’s 40th birthday. It is great time in their life, a time when they are looking forward to what life will bring in the years ahead. When they receive a gift like this, it helps them celebrate all the fun that they've had, and are looking forward to having.

There are companies that have an excellent selection of specialty gifts that will help your birthday person to enjoy their 40th birthday. Since these types of companies are experts at what they do, their unique gifts will astound the 40th birthday person that receives them. Many people find that this is a great way to show how much they love someone.

It's simple to order your birthday gift package online. You can shop whenever it is convenient for you. You will be able to look at the different 40th birthday gifts that are offered, and take your time while deciding what gift most suits the birthday person, while saying showing the love and care that you want to convey. The gifts will be delivered right to the birthday home, or to the person that you want to receive it before the party. Customers are encouraged to take advantage of any specials, promotions and sales. Since you can order using any major credit card, it is extremely easy for customers to order.

Customer service representatives are available to answer any questions that a customer might have. They are trained professionals in their field, and they can help you to pick the perfect 40th birthday candy gift for your special birthday person.

Have you got a friend or loved one with an upcoming birthday? Find the perfect gift today!

by: Woodstock Candy

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Friday, November 1, 2013
When it's time to choose 80th birthday gifts for Grandma and no one know what she wants, here are five fun, happy ideas to make her birthday as special as she is.

Sweets For The Sweet

Show Grandma she's sweeter than candy with a unique gift of her favorite childhood confections. There are online companies who have packaged selections ready to go or you can assemble your own. Some of the candies she may have enjoyed are Squirrel Food, Nik-L-Nips, Now & Later, Necco Wafers, Black Cow, Sugar Daddy, crystallized rock candy swizzle sticks, wax lips, Mary Janes, Peppermint Sticks, Pixie Sticks, Candy Cigarettes, Double Bubble Gum, Smarties, Spree, Violets, Teaberry Gum, Chicklets Gum, Candy Lipstick, Candy Necklace, Atomic Fireballs, Red Hots, Jujyfruit, Bubble Gum Cigars, Lemonheads, Chick-o-Stick, Lifesavers, Milk Maid Caramels, Hershey Bars and Kisses, Sixlets, and SweeTarts.

Get extras to give as party favors so everyone can sample the sweets. Enlist someone to videotape or write down her memories about her favorite childhood candies and why she liked them. Make them into a scrapbook with photos of the party for a special Christmas gift later.

A Birthday Card To Remember

When it comes to birthday cards, the White House will send one at no charge, signed by the President and First Lady, to U.S. citizens 80 and over. Plan ahead because it takes months to process a request for this special card.

Cover Her Coffee

Does Grandma regularly meet with friends for coffee or breakfast? Surprise her with a gift card from her favorite cafe or doughnut shoppe. If you can splurge, get one for enough to cover 80 cups of coffee or her favorite beverage.

Quilt a Keepsake

Assemble a keepsake quilt, where each family member is invited to make their own square. It does not have to be fancy. Provide a list of preferred fabrics and mediums such as traditional quilt squares in a pattern and cotton calico of their choosing, embroidered and cross-stitched designs on aida cloth or solid cottons, or let them choose their own. Make sure they stitch their name or initials, the year, and their relation to Grandma, such as sister, niece, or great-grandson, onto their square. Invite family to come for a quilting bee. Enlist someone to compile everyone's favorite stories about Grandma into a pretty scrapbook to give with the finished quilt. Quilt shoppes have experienced quilters who can finish this warm-hearted gift if none in the family knows how.

Secret Surprises

Invite party guests to bring 80 of an item. Either make a list they can choose from or make it a wildcard of secret surprises they can think of on their own. Younger kids can bring 80 coins of a kind; teens can bring 80 coins collected from the year Grandma was born. Adults could bring 80 of any combination of paper currency, lottery scratch-off tickets, or Grandma's favorite penny candies.

Check websites for any online discount coupon codes or downloadable coupons to save on 80th birthday gifts for Grandma.

by: Woodstock Candy

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