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Sunday, June 30, 2013
Having a birthday is always a great time for a celebration and a party. There are so many things to think about when party planning. If you're planning a birthday party for a person who has reached a milestone in their life, you'll want to make it extra special. If the birthday celebrant is turning 80, you may be wondering how to make it special. After all, chances are they probably have all they need by now, but you can still make the occasion fun and festive.

Think of the way our world has changed in just 80 years!  Someone turning 80 now would have been born at the height of the Great Depression and only 8 years old when the whole world went to war in Europe and Asia.  They would have danced the Jitterbug and listened to Bing Crosby, Jo Stafford, Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Patti Page and Doris Day, and came to adulthood during the 1950’s, a time we now see through such rose colored glasses.  A perfect America, when all the best was yet to come!

So what would an 80 year old person enjoy? There are lots of party favors on the market, especially for those with milestone birthdays. Turning 80 is an exciting milestone for anyone. A gift of nostalgic candy makes a wonderful gift, as it has a way of bringing back childhood memories in a way that nothing else can. Anyone turning 80 will most definitely have a lot of history behind them to share. They are sure to have memories of their favorite candy they enjoyed as a child.

There are 80th birthday favors and candy that would be perfect for this occasion. A trip down memory lane with their favorite candy will surprise and delight as they rediscover candies of the past. Why not surprise your birthday celebrant with a nostalgic gift basket filled with their favorite penny candies from the past. Even the younger generation will delight in seeing such oldies but goodies as Lemon Heads, Necco Wafers, Teaberry Gum, Candy Cigarettes. Some may discover candy they never knew existed. Make sure you get enough for the birthday person to share with the younger generations.

Another great way to make an 80th birthday special is the addition of decorations and favors for your guests. 80th birthday favors can include balloons, a fun and festive tablecloth, paper plates and cups that let everyone know the birthday guest is 80. How about a cute pair of 80th birthday glasses? Maybe even a fun hat.

I bet you didn't know that the President of the United States will send a greeting card to someone turning 80. All you will need to do is to contact them at least 6 weeks in advance. But let's not forget the cake. Have fun and enjoy celebrating this special time. While you'll want to make this party extra special with family and friends, keep in mind someone turning 80 may not have the energy they once did, and may tire easily. It's their big day, so make sure they enjoy it.

by: Woodstock Candy

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Friday, June 28, 2013
When a person is on the mend or recovering from surgery or some type of illness it is important that they have things that can take their mind off of their physical condition.

One sure-fire way to lift the spirits of anyone with a sweet tooth who is on the mend is to give them the gift of a candy get well basket. Even though it's loaded with sugar, candy is a favorite food item for many people and being able to eat candy they grew up with is a pleasing experience for those who are healing from surgery or illness.

The various types of candy get well baskets are always well received by those who receive them and they are actually very reasonably priced. It's like taking a trip back in time for the recipients of these baskets when they see and eat candy items they hadn't seen in decades

. For the person who is lying in a bed recovering from surgery or illness the gift of a big container of candy items, especially old-fashioned candy products, can brighten their outlook and provide them with plenty of sweet-tasting treats.

For older folks who are recovering from a malady, the gift of a candy get well basket filled with retro-style candy products can not only improve their outlook, but it can also help to create memories from when they were younger and used to eat those candies.

 One of the most popular types of candy get well baskets contains 40 different types of old-fashioned candy treats. Among the types of candy items that are included in this basket are bubble gum cigars, fruit chews, Turkish taffy, coated licorice pieces, chewy sour and cinnamon-flavored candies, straws filled with sweet and sour powder and novelty bubble gum.

A special shrink-wrapped gift basket full of retro candy for people who have had back surgery is now available. This box is sure to bring smiles to the faces of those who receive it. Some of the candy items that are included in this box are Turkish taffy, powder-filled straws, novelty bubble gum, fruit chews and novelty fizzing rock candy. 

When a child is recovering from an illness or surgery, the gift of a kids' get well basket can help to make their recovery more pleasant. Forty different types of candy items are contained in this gift basket in a box.

Bubble gum tape, chewy fish, hard candies, caramel pops, candy-filled straws, sweet dips, chewy chocolate rolls, lollipops, fruit chews, novelty bubwithble gum and sour balls are just some of the delectable candy items in this kid's gift basket.

by: Woodstock Candy

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013
We all love to celebrate the special occasions of life. Filling our life with memories from family and friends is what colors the days of life and make it most often special. There are a few special times of year people look to celebrate with treasured guests. Of all of these, birthdays and holidays are the most widely celebrated ways to take time to share and express love and appreciation for the special people in life.

Certainly, most everyone agrees that birthdays are a wonderful time to celebrate family, friends and life. While every birthday can be special, there are certain birthday milestones in a person's life that are noted to be pivotal birthday celebrations. These are the ones when people can gather from near and far just to celebrate the event and the one's Hallmark makes the most money from. The birthdays that are most cherished in a person's life the 16th, 21st, 25th, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th, 65th, 70th, 75th, 80th, 85th, 90th, 95th and of course 100th. And for those people who live beyond 100, everyone knows that every year beyond that deserves a major celebration.

On any of these special birthday occasions, the givers want the presents received to be fun and special. But it can be challenging when a gift giver is stumped when trying to figure out what to give to the special birthday person in their lives, especially as that special person ages. The reason it can be so difficult is because of the complications that often arise by the time a person reaches a certain age. When someone is over the age of 60, it can seem that they already have all they need and want. This can make gift giving a bit troublesome and challenging to make an impact. For the gift giver the challenge can be rewarding if it helps them walk down a pleasant memory lane. To give them a gift that celebrates their special day in a unique and fun filled way can be great fun. This is often the case when looking for special 65th birthday presents.

Today, there are some wonderful 65th birthday gifts that can be given to a person who reaches this special milestone, a gift that is very enjoyable and marks the special day with tasty enjoyment and nostalgia. Most recipients will confess that there is nothing quite like getting 65th birthday presents with a few "sweet" memories for a person who is turning 65 years young. Everyone remembers their youth, and most often, childhood is recalled with a sense of joy and laughter for all the fun filled things that defined their youth. This is when a basket filled with the sweet enjoyment of their childhood candies can be cause for laughter and joy, from wax lips, to penny candy, and these "sweet treats" can be bring a wonderful and wistful smile. Often something as simple as a walk down a childhood memory lane with classic candy can fulfill the deep desire to recall those treasured moments of youth with those savory, never to be forgotten flavors.

by: Woodstock Candy

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013
Comfort food from yesteryear stays with people throughout their lives. People loved mashed potatoes and mac n’ cheese when they were kids, and growing up hasn’t changed that. There are also many desserts and pastries with the same kind of fan following – remember the public outcry when it seemed like Ring-dings, Twinkies and Ho-Hos would become victims of extinction due to the demise of Hostess Bakeries? Recently, a new market has been revived for retro candy and sparked because of the widespread feelings of candy nostalgia that many people have.

There were many sweets and candies from 1930’s through the 1960s that people loved but have a hard time finding now. These candies have a sentimental value attached to them and their ability to take people down memory lane and their unique taste is what drives the market for these retro sweets. Here are a few good old candies that people love to enjoy even now:

1. Abba Zaba
These candy bars have been a favorite since 1922, when the Annebelle Candy Company introduced them. They are chewy and white in color. The secret to getting the taffy feel and taste goes to vanilla, which is the secret ingredient of Abba Zaba. They have a creamy and delicious center of peanut butter, which is hard to resist.

2. Atomic Fireball
This was a unique candy of the 1950’s, which tasted exquisitely spicy and was loved by many. When it was introduced for the first time by Nello Ferrara, it didn’t do that well and only 200 cases could be sold every day. However, after the samples had spread around, the candy quickly became very popular and almost 50,000 cases were sent out per day, which wasn’t in Ferrara Pan’s capacity during those times.

3. Boston Baked Beans
A peanut coated with sweet molasses candy treat, which was quite a rage in the 1930’s, this candy has been a cause of many people’s candy nostalgia.

4. Candy Cigarettes
Kids pretended to be grown-ups by sticking these candies in their mouths, back in the 1950s. They now go by the name of candy sticks and have a different taste. They are white in color and are tipped with red.

5. Flipstick
While the boys had candy cigarettes, girls had Flipsticks and was pretty popular in the 1950s too. They came in a foil paper and were basically a cherry roll. The current Flipsticks are more chewable, like a taffy candy.

6. Jr. Mints
There are no other mints like Jr. Mints as their flavor is unique and memorable. They have a creamy mint flavored center and milk chocolate outer covering. They were first seen in 1949 and remain a favorite, especially for the movies.

7. Lemonheads
These are another great candy by Ferrara Pan from 1962. They were on the list of the best and most favorite candies from 1960s. Lemonheads were made with Red Hots, another candy from the same company.

All these candies can be found at retro candy stores in order to satiate a person’s candy nostalgia. They might not be the exact candy from their childhood but they are as close to them as is possible.

by: Woodstock Candy

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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Most people have mixed feelings when they clock the age of forty. While some are grateful for the fact that they have managed to spent forty wonderful years on planet earth, while others are having butterflies in their stomachs for approaching the middle age of their life. Whether an individual is glad or nervous about clocking this milestone age, forty years o
n earth is not an easy feat. If possible, the celebrant can sample the opinions of the dead, and he/she will know that he/she is extremely lucky to enjoy their 40th birthday. Thus, just making it to become this milestone age calls for celebration!

Generally, coming up with exciting and fun 40th birthday ideas is not an easy feat. When it comes to milestone ages that are close to the dreaded middle age, the job of looking for witty birthday ideas that will be appreciated by the celebrant becomes much more difficult. Well, one of the reasons why it is difficult to come up with fun 40th birthday ideas people is that no one but the birthday boy or girl knows how they really feel about his/her 40th birthday.

This factor makes coming up with a birthday plan for 40-year-olds extremely tricky. No one wants his choice of birthday idea to generate the wrong type of feeling for the celebrant. Since people, generally, want the celebrant to enjoy their birthday, they will need to be very careful on the kind of birthday party they want to give to people celebrating their 40th birthday. You don’t want to ruin this landmark moment of the celebrant’s life by coming up with a wrong birthday idea.

Despite the fact that many people have mixed feelings concerning their 40th birthday, there are still some birthday ideas that can never go wrong. These ideas lighten up the spirits of people who are just joining the 40-year-old club, even those that are scared of approaching their middle age. Since new members to the forty-year-olds club need some cheering up and lots of assurances, there is no better way to welcome them than giving them a amusing and thrilling birthday celebration.

Gag gifts constitute an essential part of 40-year-old birthday celebrations. Whether the celebrant is happy or sad at attaining this milestone, they’ll still want to have fun at their birthday party, and giving him/her a funny gag gift will give the celebrant the fun that they need. Below are some funny gag gifts that can never go wrong for a 40-year-old birthday celebration:

1970’s Nostalgia Candy: People celebrating their 40th birthday were born in the 1970’s. Thus, a 1970 nostalgia candy will remind them of their care-free, calorie-counting-free candy-eating days. By giving the celebrant their favorite 1970’s nostalgia candy, you are not only reminding them of the good old days but also of their amazing journey on earth. Many birthday celebrants enjoy taking a trip down memory lane, which can be stimulated by a nostalgia candy.  Just the unique scent can bring back feelings and thoughts long forgotten.

Over The Hill Parking Permit: This is a great gift for both those who are excited and nervous about their entry into the club 40. This fake permit is a nice reminder of the benefits that come with aging.

Retirement Clock: This will work best for those celebrants who are excited and frankly amazed that they’ve managed to stay alive this long. This amazing clock portrays the beautiful life associated with retirement and tells the celebrants that those days are getting closer and closer. The retirement clock can be adjusted to countdown the celebrant’s current age to his/her retirement age.

by: Woodstock Candy

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Thursday, June 13, 2013
The age of 60 is a milestone, an event to be celebrated and remembered. At this stage in a persons life, they become reflective, having had a career, raised children, and received a lifetime of education, both officially and unofficially. They have a lot to look back upon, and at the same time a lot to share. This wealth of experience and wise perspective can oftentimes make it difficult to know what to get them as a gift.

Lets discuss some unique 60th birthday gifts for men. One of the perpetual gift ideas which never seems to age is that of an item which helps the old feel young again - the appeal of nostalgia. A great way to rouse these feelings is to give a gift of candy, which the man ate as a child and during his youth. Whether its the delectable Necco Wafers, chewy Chiclets, or the fiery Red Hots, putting a candy associated with their youth in front of them will help them to recall their glory days and will be a gift certain to please.

The Internet has brought with it a huge amount of variety and choice when looking for unique 60th birthday gifts for men. With so much to chose from, at least one thing will be found to suit the tastes of whoever you are buying for. Has your perspective receiver always wanted to drive a Ferrari? How about flying a plane? Massages, hot air balloon rides, meeting cheetahs, taking various classes, horse drawn carriage rides, cruises, dinners etc... These ideas have been listed ad infinitum. All it takes is a little knowledge of the recipient, creativity, and rudimentary Internet search skills to make the dream gift a reality.

Perhaps an easy way to narrow down which item to choose from among all of the unique 60th birthday gifts for men is to place the man in a category and choose from gifts within it. There are gifts for golfers, gardeners, sports fans, animal lovers, travelers, food lovers, nature lovers, or lovers of anything. A quick search will yield an untold amount of options for someone who falls into any one of these various categories.

Whatever the category, there are a few unique gifts which are sure to please someone no matter their tastes. For example you can get a personalized birthday newspaper that will include articles of all the noteworthy events on the day of his birth. Or how about a book where the "story of his lifetime" is filled in with his own hand? A book which chronicles his life; from childhood to child raising, to the grandchildren, from education to career - a gift which will guarantee all the right kind of reflection, not to mention remain a keepsake for the generations to follow.

Whoever the man, and whatever the gift sought for him, today's connected world allows us, within minutes to search and find the perfect unique gift for our loved ones who are turning the venerable age of sixty.

by: Woodstock Candy

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Monday, June 10, 2013
Things change every decade. As children, we all have our memories of what once was. Candy is no exception. So many memories and emotions can be tied to the candy of our childhood. So what better way to surprise a loved one than a basket of candy tailored to their decade? With birthday candy baskets, this is the perfect answer to any gifting need.

The first step is to do the research. There are many different ways to create a birthday candy basket. You can make it yourself or find a service that makes one for you. There are many candies that go with each decade, and some carry over into multiple ones. Here are just a few examples:

     1950's- Bonomo’s Turkish Taffy, candy cigarettes, Red Hots, candy buttons and Necco wafers.

     1960's- Smarties, Dots, Jujubes, candy necklaces, Pixie Stix, wax lips and Pop Rocks.

     1970's- Slapstick, Fun Dip, and Jolly Ranchers.

     1980's- Tootsie Pop, Jolly Rancher, Ring Pop, Nerds, Swedish Fish, and Bubble Tape.

There are many more, just look it up and make a list.

Additionally, you may want to consider a few things before making the actual basket. When were they children? If they were born in 1969, you may want to focus on candy of the 70's. However, you may want to do more than one decade, tying their birth year into the decade when they were a child. Talk to other family and friends to find out what their favorite candies were as kids and let that can be the focal point for your birthday candy baskets. Whatever way you choose to go, tailor your basket to that goal, and add some flare to it, as well.

Just placing candy in the basket and slapping a bow on it is probably not the best you can do. There are so many ways to decorate the basket and make it even more special. Add some decorations themed in the decade or year of their birth. Find photos, symbols, and other trinkets that can add to this special blast from the past. What is their favorite color? What are their interests? Incorporate that, as well. Personalize this as much as possible to give them the most out of the memories. Think about adding a mix CD with music from their teen years, or a DVD of a movie popular in that era. As always, add a personal and heartfelt card to bring the whole thing together into one beautiful display.

Candy is a foolproof gift idea. Everyone has at least one candy they loved and many happy memories that can be tied to it. Just the scent of a candy that the birthday person loved as a child can unlock memories they haven't thought about for a long time. Be creative with the gift and really put some thought into it. This is already such a unique way to show someone you care, so make it as special as possible.

by: Woodstock Candy

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Saturday, June 8, 2013
Someone you care about has their 40th birthday coming up and you want to pick a fun and light-hearted gift for that special someone. With many options it can be hard deciding what to get. Making it to 40 is a big deal. For some getting to 40 may not be fun, but receiving 40 year old birthday gag gifts can be.

When researching 40 year old birthday gag gifts, you will find many different offerings throughout different websites. On some, you can find the do it yourself type of things that offer a personal touch. On others you may find individual gifts or packages. Each one will have different price points and will depend on how much you can put into it.

One really fun gag gift is a candy gift package. This gift box will normally contain different candies familiar with the celebrant’s era of childhood. Most of these are a variety pack, meaning there will be five or more different varieties. On many of them, you can even pick a specific year for it to reflect. Receiving a gift such as this is sure to take them back to the good days and be a delicious way to begin the next year of their life. 

Another popular gag gift is things that focus on being "over the hill". When shopping around you will see shirts, cards, mugs, signs, hats and other items that all boast about reaching that milestone. Besides the over the hill ones they also have items specific to turning a certain age. While teasing, it can be quite humorous to be gifted with these items.

There is also the option of going the personal route. For example say they have always said when they get to forty they wanted to have a convertible. You could pick out a toy convertible in the color they like; that is sure to give them a few laughs. Other types of ideas are making something for them like a pillbox with candy pieces titled "anti-aging pills" or a birthday certificate. Finding something that has meaning to them -  while it may be silly, it can be the perfect gift to make their birthday memorable.

No matter which present is chosen, a gag gift is always an amusing way to show someone you care and are thinking of them on their birthday. There is only one 40th birthday, so making it special for the person of honor matters. Adding in a gift like this whether homemade or store bought, a spread of candy or an over the hill pajama set, is what will make it memorable.

by: Woodstock Candy

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Thursday, June 6, 2013
There are a lot of milestones in a person’s life when it comes to their birthday. From your very 1st birthday, to every decade after, there is always a reason to celebrate. For that special brother in your life, when they turn 50, you can joke about how they are half a century old or a variety of other ways. Birthdays are about celebrating their life and the years they have previously seen. When it comes to celebrating this once in a lifetime day, there are a ton of 50th birthday gift ideas for a brother to be considered.

Since it is his 50th birthday, this means that he was born in the early 60’s. Nothing beats a party like specific references to the year he was born. The 60’s were a wild, joyous, yet tumultuous time, so find something lighthearted and run with it. One really fun and clever way you can celebrate is to have a collection of retro items from the past. Maybe you can purchase a series of movie posters from the year he was born. Or you might want to have a TV program (hint: Star Trek!) that was popular then playing in the background as you rock out to some awesome 60’s music. 

Another great idea is to have people come to the party dressed up as people from that generation. If he was born in America in the 60’s, you can take on all sorts of groovy personalities and wear your favorite tie-die shirt and your large “peace” sign necklace. Women can wear long hair wigs and flowers in their hair. It was a time where everyone just felt like “chilling”.

One of the coolest 50th birthday gift ideas for a brother you can think of is to have a collection of candy and toys that were popular in the 60’s. This may seem like a difficult task, what with all the present candy being plastered all over the shelves of grocery stores and candy shops, but do a quick Internet search, and you will find a variety of websites that can deliver some incredible candies originating from the 60’s. Don’t worry, this selection is as fresh as the candy from today is; it’s just in the same wrapper and flavors as it was in the 60’s.

When it comes to celebrating a 50th birthday for a brother, you’re going to want to be as clever and unique as you possibly can. It’s an important milestone for him and your family. Hopefully, they have had a wonderful life up to this point and will live to celebrate many more birthdays. This 50th birthday celebration, surprise your brother with the best in nostalgia and celebration for the years that he has lived through.

by: Woodstock Candy

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Whenever old pals are together, they always like to reminisce about the happy memories of the past. The heroics of their sporting heroes, the hilarious pranks carried out during childhood, the exciting adventures undertaken by them and their buddies, and the famous movies, music, and entertainers – these are some of the topics that are discussed when old buddies meet. 

Even people who are not in a close knit friendship will enjoy reminiscing about the past, especially if they belong to the same generation. Such people usually witness many popular events together. Thus, they can share their personal experiences of growing up in the same time, even if they are from different cultures. For example, those who grow up in the 60s can talk with ease about how music icons of that time like the Beatles and Rolling Stone influenced the youth of the 60s.

Alcohol is not the only thing that loosens people’s tongues when they are taking a trip down memory lane. Although sipping alcohol is a popular way people use to get in the mood when reminiscing about the good old days, nostalgic candy can also perform a similar function.

Mention penny candy to most Americans who were still kids in the 50s and fond memories of their childhood will flood into their minds. Things like the penny candy aisle at a neighborhood store will naturally come to the mind of people who grew up in that far more innocent time. Almost all kids of that era had a great time enjoying these candies, and the taste and scent brings those times back.

Well, for those who were not lucky enough to enjoy these candies during their childhood, penny candy, as the name implies, are delicious candies that were sold for one cent. So, for just a quarter, kids of the 50s could buy a sufficient number of penny candies to fill up a medium brown paper bag and their tummies. However, the fun of buying these candies now doesn’t come from the low cost of these candies.

When people who were kids during the 50s see these old favorites, they remember the good old days when they would hang out with their childhood buddies while enjoying those sweet candies. No wonder candies like penny candy are also known as nostalgic candy. These candies evoke fond memories of childhood. Thus, with a piece of candy enjoyed during childhood, people can go into their memory bank, bring out happy and not-so-happy memories, and share these experiences.

Candies that have been around for a long time stir up nostalgic feelings in a lot of people, and are excellent birthday gifts. By including an assortment of  nostalgic candy into the gift given to the birthday celebrant, you are bringing back the fond memories of their childhood. The celebrant can enjoy his trip to memory lane with these candies.

by: Woodstock Candy

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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Turning 60 certainly is worth celebrating! Some people get stressed out as they hit this milestone. To help keep it all fun and enjoyable for them, consider some items that can set the tone for the party. There are quite a few gag fits for a 60th birthday that will make a big splash for the occasion. Many of them are inexpensive too so you don’t have to be concerned about the cost.

Inflatable Walker

One of the best gag gifts you can find for this age is an inflatable walker! It is 3 feet tall and every single guest that shows up for the party will definitely notice it! There are fun sayings, too, written all over this item. There is a squeaky panic button and you can fill in the name of the person that turns 60. This gag gift can be purchased for around $11.

Pill Bottle Necklace
For the person turning 60, drape a pill bottle necklace around their neck when they walk in. This is an alternative to a party hat for the older generation. The pill bottle looks realistic too and one more way to tease them about getting older. This is very inexpensive with a price tag of about $2. Yet the many smiles it will create are going to be priceless!

Over the Hill Survival Kit

A great collection of gag gifts for a 60th birthday party is the Over the Hill Survival Kit. It contains a variety of fun items including:

     • Gray hair dye
• Over the hill pills

     • Anti-aging soap
• Set of false teeth
• Dietary fiber

Everyone is going to be giggling about this survival kit that is packed with goodies for someone getting older to really appreciate. This entire kit costs about $15 so it is very affordable and it will be a huge success at the party.

Body Part Replacement Kit
We all laugh about our body parts not working like they should as a person gets older. With this body part replacement kit, you can get a few good laughs. It will also make you feel better about the days when you realize your body isn’t what it used to be. This kit includes:

     • Ear
• Brain

     • Heart
• Kidney

     • Nose

They are each just a few inches tall but when you put them in water, they grow. They will be 600% times their original size!


Adding gag gifts for a 60th birthday party can make it a fun and enjoyable occasion. It will certainly be a milestone event that the individual won’t forget! You can find these gag gifts at local party stores. Shopping online for them will also give you access to a larger selection and allow you to compare prices.

by: Woodstock Candy

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