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Friday, December 20, 2013

What a joy it can be to celebrate the milestone birthday years. Life can be busy and taxing on one's soul, so it is a wonderful idea to stop and take a break from the swift moving pace in order to mark the special occasion of a life well-lived. It is healthy to look back and appreciate the past, reviewing memories, both good and difficult. Whether the desire is for a fancy event or simple homemade fun, a fiftieth birthday can easily be planned.

For a dressed up event with a little playful fun thrown in guests can be invited out for a fussy dinner party that includes unexpected nostalgic 50th birthday party gifts. These little treasures can be contained within a fancy jar or laid out at each place setting. What fun the guests will experience as they don 50th birthday sunglasses while sipping glasses of expensive wine. A fun touch would be to hire a professional photographer to capture the wonderful moments of the birthday dinner celebration.

Another popular theme for a nostalgic birthday party involves guests dressing up like the hippies from past times of flower children and maxi-dresses. This is an easily arranged event as guests receive tie dyed paper invitations inviting them to partake in some groovy fun. Friends should be encouraged to find a time period outfit and show up ready for some wild fun of cooking out and dancing to era appropriate music. As guests arrive they can be offered peace sign buttons and strands of colorful beads.

If a fancy dinner party or a silly theme event are not desired, a dessert party might fit the bill. Hosts can plan to set out various dessert experiences for friends and family to enjoy. One station might be a chocolate fountain including all the amazing dippers, such as cut fruit, chunks of cake and pretzels. A milk and cookies bar is another popular idea. Whatever type of celebration is decided upon the birthday person should be pampered, honored and showered with plenty of nostalgic 50th birthday party gifts, kind words and wonderful new memories.

Show some love and take your birthday guy or gal back in time with any one of these great ideas!

by: Woodstock Candy

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Winter months can be quite gloomy, but nothing warms the soul as well as the rich flavor of chocolate. Finding the right mix of cost and quality can be difficult with all the options available. In a world with thousands of chocolate options, Donckels Dark Chocolate Belgian Truffles stand apart as the perfect gift for loved ones. People don't have to look any further than the trusted Donckels brand to provide a present that can be enjoyed in any setting, at any time.

Chocolate truffles are modeled after fine European fungal delicacies called truffles, renowned world wide for their rich body and flavor. These chocolate concoctions are every bit as delicious as their upscale brethren, and make the perfect gift for an anniversary, Christmas, or date night. Truffles are an extremely versatile gift because they speak to long held cultural traditions, work for almost any occasion, and are appreciated by all those who receive these delicious candies.

Those who create chocolate can testify Donckels Dark Chocolate Belgian truffles are the cream of the crop when it comes to texture. Each pound of truffles has forty four delicious and addictive candies. They're slightly larger than average chocolate truffles and melt the second they touch your tongue. These delectable creations are carefully selected for their flavor, and pair well with bitter drinks like tea and coffee. Sunflower derived products are used to emulsify the chocolate during creation, bringing pure chocolate and coconut oil together. A slight dusting of cocoa over the truffles contributes to a unique texture enjoyed by the pickiest of pallets.

If you're looking for a truffle that exudes quality but comes at a cost perfect for the masses, try these dark chocolate Belgian truffles. Every bite a person takes is a reminder of the legacy of hundreds of years of European chocolate perfection. Follow history with these delicious imported truffles and order them today.

by: Woodstock Candy

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Monday, December 16, 2013

As we get older, gift giving gets more difficult. It can be difficult to find unique gifts – ones that relate to the person and will bring a smile to their faces. But there is something you've probably never considered before. Give the gift of candy… retro candy!

There’s no better way to bring on nostalgia than to eat the candy of your youth. It could be Atomic Fireballs, Coconut Long Boys, and Saf-T-Pop from the 1950's or Bubble Tape, Candy Necklaces, or Nerds from the 1980's. Get the candy that was introduced or popular in the decade the person you are buying for was born and watch their face light up.

You can’t find much of the candy we grew up with on the market anymore. As we grow up, the sweet and sticky candies that were so yummy to us when we were kids are often put aside in favor of chocolate and other snacks. We may move on, but we never forget the taste of our favorite lollipop. Imagine the joy a 70-year-old might get when presented with the rock candy from their youth? Slip a pack of Now or Laters into a 40-year-old’s hand and watch them almost skip with excitement. Candy is the great equalizer.

Memories of summer and fun, friends, and playing are associated with foods and smells. It would be difficult to find an adult born in the 1970's who doesn’t remember eating Pop Rocks. But how many of them have eaten them recently? Giving retro candy will get them talking about the past and sharing stories you may never have heard before. You might learn about summer vacations with family whom you've never met, or hear about the first school dance while sucking on an Astro Pop. Give the gift of youth; retro candy will make them feel like a kid again.

So, as you do your Christmas shopping and fret over the right gift, consider sweets for the sweet on your Christmas List. Personalize Your Celebration Year - Retro Candy Gifts and see how much joy candy can bring to an adult. 

by: Woodstock Candy

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Thursday, December 12, 2013

The concept of a person being "over the hill” is one that has been around for many years. The meaning of the phrase implies that once a person is a certain age, he or she has reached the peak of his or her life. Once someone reaches the peak of a hill, that person will go over it and then begin to descend. The common “over the hill” age is 40, but some people do not start referencing it until ages 50 and older.

Some people do not accept aging very well, while others might embrace the occasion. Those who know someone who is approaching the over-the-hill age may want to buy that person a special gift to welcome the occasion. Over the hill birthday gifts might provide the perfect pick-me-up for a close friend, family member, boss or business associate.

Types of Over the Hill Birthday Gifts

A wide selection of gifts are available for a person who is entering the mature zone. A person who has an active sense of humor might enjoy a visor hat with a head full of gray hair. A person who is turning 40 years old might appreciate something that celebrates his or her year of birth by accenting it on a box filled with familiar nostalgic candies. Other types of gifts include buttons, glasses, teddy bears and more. Over-the-hill presents exist for people from age 40 and beyond.

Knowing how the Person Will Respond

Before purchasing this type of gift, the individual should gain insight on the recipient’s personality. Certain types of gifts for mature people could cause a birthday man or woman to become sad or sour. However, gifts that include candy are usually neutral. Therefore, a person could get away with sending this type of gift to a sensitive person. Candy has a way of changing the brain chemicals in a manner that invokes happiness.

Consumers can order special birthday gifts online and have them delivered to the birthday woman or man. Another option is having them delivered to the purchaser’s home, so that he or she can deliver them personally. Whatever the birthday occasion, have fun with your "over the hill" birthday. They'll love these wonderful gifts!

by: Woodstock Candy

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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Metal lunch boxes and mugs come in a variety of shapes and designs. They compete with their plastic and cloth cousins, and they are often hard to find at typical retailers. Some people, however, still believe in them and insist that they are better than any other type of lunch box.

1. Versatility

The metal version of lunch boxes and mugs are often more versatile than any other type of box. They can be used to carry lunch whether it's hot or cold. Metal naturally holds heat or cold and will often be found in their plastic counterparts anyway. After the lunch box is no longer used for food, it can be used for storage. It packs away easily with others of its kind - it can stack in closets or storage areas quite compactly.

2. Style

The metal lunch boxes come in a variety of styles, as do the mugs. Since metal is easy to paint, an owner can purchase any design on the side of the box or mug. Metal boxes and mugs have been used for decades so they bear the markings of decades of hobbies and popular culture. Whether vintage or brand new, metal holds its picture and will match everyone's unique style.

3. Time Tested

As mentioned before, metal boxes and mugs will last for a very long time. This makes them timeless pieces to be used generation after generation. While plastic may crack and cloth may tear, metal barely shows the wounds of time and will be a constant companion for many years. Purchasing a metal box for lunch or mug for a drink is not only a one-time purchase; it is an investment which could last a lifetime.

Metal boxes and mugs for midday meals are timeless, versatile and stylish. It is smart and safe to have these on hand for everyday use or for safe storage. Every household should have one on hand for every member of the family.

by: Woodstock Candy

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Monday, December 9, 2013

When looking for the perfect nostalgic gift for that Baby Boomer who has everything, think about the Holiday Dove - Box of Retro Candy.

These fun candies are sure to bring back memories of fun stuff like "Choo, Choo, Charlie - The Engineer" preshow commercials at the drive-in movie theaters. The kids shook their box of Good & Plenty to create a make-believe train sound as Charlie rang the bell, and they sang along, "Don't know any kind of candy that I love so well."

As if that is not enough to put a smile on a loved one’s face, wait until they checkout the confections from the era when smoking was cool such as the Bubble Gum Cigar, Candy Cigarettes, Licorice Pipe, and Bubble Gum Cigarettes. It was fun to find those in the trick-or-treat bag along with wax lips.

Folks who remember the soda fountain and drug store days will get a kick out of the old-fashioned salt-water taffy, root beer barrels, candy necklaces, candy lipstick, and candy buttons on paper.

The Holiday Dove - Box of Retro Candy: Fun Addition to a Gift Basket for a Favorite Guy or Girl.

For Him: Find a few old comic books to look at while he works on some Now & Later, a box of Dots, or a Charleston Chew. Then, add some baseball cards, caps, and maybe a few bobble head souvenirs for his man cave, and it is sure to be a gift that will make his day.

For Her: Get some colorful stationary, fun pens, a pretty journal, a scrapbook, and maybe a latest bestseller to read while she noshes on Smarties, Sweetarts, Bit-O-Honey, or Pixy Stix. She will love the little indulgences just for her.

There are forty delicious old favorites in this box that are sure to please everyone's discerning taste buds such as Gobstoppers, mini Necco Wafers, Red Hots, Lemonheads, Zagnut, and more. Be sure to get a retro box for all your favorite old-time candy lovers.

by: Woodstock Candy

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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Sometimes finding the right gift for someone can be difficult to find. A good gift should have several important qualities. A gift should be something the recipient will like. It should also be something the gift receiver can use that fits their tastes. Deciding what to give someone else can take some time and thought.

One of the best items to give are sweet treats. Most people like candy, cakes and other tasty foods. If someone you know and want to gift enjoys sweets, a box of candy is the ideal present. Candy has several advantages. It will keep for a long period of time. Candy also comes in many different varieties so you can find a type of candy for nearly anyone's taste. If your friend likes very sweet candies mints are ideal. If your friend or loved one prefers something less sweet, tarter candies like lemon drops make an excellent gift idea.

If your friends like a mixture of candies, consider buying them retro nostalgic candy gift baskets boxes. Retro refers to candies that are a from a different era. A retro candy box will help bring back pleasant memories of candies they may not have tasted in years. A nostalgic taste of something they haven't thought about in years can remind them of their days as a young man or woman in high school. A candy box or gift basket is also ideal because it contains many different types of candies. If they don't like one type of candy, they will have many others to choose from.

A candy box or basket can also be easily shared with others. A gift like this can be shared with someone's children who may not have sampled certain candies. The gift recipient can explain the candies to his children and thus help them get insights into his own childhood. A gift basket of candies that are not often encountered today can also be shared with someone who is not from the local area.

Candy is a great choice for a gift. Consider giving a retro candy box to someone you love this Christmas!

by: Woodstock Candy

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Thursday, December 5, 2013

The gift of nostalgic candy is a fun and unique way to celebrate any birthday, holiday, or “just because” occasion. It is an unusual and thoughtful gift that will be reveled for quite some time. Among the unique offerings out there, are fun choices available for the Christmas season. These delectable and nostalgic candy gift sets feature treats of Christmas’ past. This Christmas season, there is a set that is particularly ideal for aficionados of the 1960's. Its fun, it’s cool…its Christmas man!

This gift set's name, Christmas Retro Candy Gift - Peace on Earth, is perfect for both the season and the era it is representing. Emblazoned with the appropriate declaration "Peace on Earth", and the iconic peace sign nestled among such Christmas images as a tree, a candy cane and a hanging stocking, the box art is all at once a striking yet simple tribute to both the 1960's and Christmas and is a delightful callback to those who remember these life-changing years.

Inside the box is a collection of forty candy offerings that those who grew up in that tumultuous decade will especially appreciate. In addition to candies that are still popular today, such as Dots, Good and Plenty, Pixy Stix and Smarties, this set features confectioneries less well-known today that are nevertheless still manufactured and fondly recalled and desired by baby boomers. Zagnut, Razzles, Turkish Taffy and Chuckles are among the old-time candies returning for your consumption. Although rarely seen in the hectic world of the present day, these enjoyable memories of the past are plentiful here and can be experienced once again, gathered together as old friends, and shared with younger fans to be.

The Christmas Retro Candy Gift - Peace on Earth is a beautiful and special treat for candy lovers, baby boomers and those who appreciate or study the 1960s even if they did not live during those defining years. People who are simply curious about the types of candy eaten in decades past will also find enjoyment with this fun and entertaining candy gift set.

Give a gift that brings smiles galore accompanied by the occasional proclamation “Sweet, Dude”!

by: Woodstock Candy

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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Festive costumes have always been a trend for the holiday season. Many stores offer a wide variety of options to choose from. There’s something for everyone, infants to adults. What many people don’t realize is that there are holiday costumes that are available to plus sized men and women. Selections for the larger sizes are typically more expensive. The "Plus Size Santa Suit" is the answer for those looking to stay within their budget and look great!

With many stores offering prices as low as $24, plus size apparel can be purchased and be the "reason for the season". This outfit fits any size from XL to 4 XL and includes all of the accessories. The full-cut zippered felt coat and belt make the costume look like it just arrived from the North Pole. This coat will fit any person up to a 76 inch chest and a 33 inch length allowing for full comfort and cover. However, it doesn't stop there! Included as well with this cheerful outfit is a beard and wig that will have people thinking its Old Saint Nick himself! Top off the wig and beard with a red Santa Clause hat that matches the coat harmoniously. Last but not least to complete the costume are plush-trimmed boot tops to set off the Christmas cheer.

Getting ready for the holidays has never been easier (or more fun) for shoppers in the plus size wardrobe selection. Get ready for extra stocking stuffers when saving money purchasing this great costume. Santa may also take you off the naughty list (or put you on it) when he realizes he's getting extra milk and cookies on Christmas Eve! Saving money and looking great has never been easier.

With many online stores offering deals on shipping and overall price of the costume, staying within the budget will be easy and make any shopper feel great. Those that have difficulty finding a tasteful holiday party outfit to that’s comfortable will have to look no longer. Wearing this costume will bring cheer to everyone around you!

Make the most of the Christmas season, get festive and enjoy being the talk of the party! Merry Christmas!

by: Woodstock Candy

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