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Wednesday, August 5, 2009
Many will tell you now that you are turning 40, you are over the hill or you are old. Well now you can tell them that Life Begins at 40!

Yes, that is right, Life Begins at 40. This is especially true when you order many of your favorite classic candies. They will have you feeling the way you did just like when you were a kid! Some of the candies included are:
  • Jujubes

  • Good and Plenty

  • Now and Later

  • Razzles

  • Jawbreakers

  • Bottle Caps

  • Chiclets

  • And so much more!

Life will feel like it's starting all over again once you dig into this great package. Don't let people tell you you are getting old; tell them Life Begins at 40 when you shop at!

(We've included a special prize…after all, you deserve it!)

by: Woodstock Candy


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