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Thursday, December 24, 2009

After this holiday season is over and it's time to thank everyone for their generosity, you need something that is fun and creative; you need the Thank You gift basket filled with all kinds of retro goodies.

The Thank You gift basket is filled with all the best classics. All of the favorites from the good ol' days are all accounted for. You get Wax Lips, Jujubes, Chuckles and so much more! Forty different kinds to be exact!

This gift basket is more sentimental in the idea that with each different piece of candy memories of the past will come pouring out. This is the type of gift that is priceless yet the most meaningful.

So don't get your friends and family the same old thank you card, get them the Thank You gift basket from Woodstock Candy, it'll be the best thank you they have ever gotten.

by: Woodstock Candy


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