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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Peace, love and harmony. Having those 3 things would be a great day. But, add in the Peace & Love Retro Candy Package from might be the best day ever. This awesome nostalgic candy package will bring back the days of peace and love from your memories. Sweet retro candies will surely bring a smile to your face, or the recipients. All of the special candies you will receive were popular back when baby boomers were kids.

The Peace & Love Retro Candy Package comes with 30 nostalgic candies. The candies will come shrink wrapped in a Peace & Love gift box. You will receive candy such as Atomic Fireballs, Pop Rocks and Zotz. You will even receive a secret special prize. This wonderful nostalgic candy package is perfect for a birthday or any other celebration. You Peace & Love Retro Candy Package will even ship from our headquarters in Woodstock, New York.

There are plenty of reasons to enjoy nostalgic candy. This package is unique and will bring back some fabulous memories. We have many other nostalgic candy packages available. You can view them all today at

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