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Friday, August 21, 2009
Looking for the perfect milestone gift? We have it! It's the Retro Candy and Toys gift package.

This great gift package comes in a "You made it over the hill!" box to really get your loved one or friend going. There are 30 different candies and nine fun toys included in this one of a kind 70th birthday gift.

The candy included is: candy necklace, twizzler, sixy stix, fun dip, pop rocks and so much more! We are also excited to include some cool retro toys like: slinky, silly putty, jax and more. We have also included a very cool special toy for each Retro Candy and Toys gift package.

Surprise someone you love with this Retro Candy and Toys gift package that includes so many nostalgic and retro candy and toys from

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