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Saturday, January 23, 2010
There is nothing like having a birthday. You look forward to it every year with anticipation and excitement, well many of us do. But if you are one of those who don't look forward to your birthday because that means you are getting "old", then you have no more worries!

Life Begins at 40! Yes, that's right, life just begins when you hit the age of 40. You have all of those life experiences to share with friends and loved ones along with many other things. When you give or receive the Life Begins at 40! gift basket, you are not only giving the gift of candy, but the gift of memories.

The Life Begins at 40! gift basket includes 40 varieties of some of the greatest retro candies available. Some of the candies include Now and Later, Candy Lipstick, Sugar Daddy, Zotz, Good and Plenty, and so much more!

Also, when you order this gift basket you will receive something that is completely priceless: memories. Now that you are 40, you have 40 years of memories to share. Sure all of them are great but the fact that you can share some of the great ones that come to life with this retro candy truly is priceless.

Don't be down that you are turning 40, celebrate this great milestone with the Life Begins at 40! gift basket.

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