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Sunday, July 7, 2013
Turning 40 can be a hard time for anyone who has been there or who is quickly approaching that age over the hill. One of the best things about turning 40 are the great gifts that are sure to be given, some that have deep though but most that are just funny. It can most definitely ease the burden of being "old" or "middle-aged" to receive a gift that is just too funny to put down. People receive thoughtful gifts for almost all of their birthdays, so why not make a 40th birthday gift special by making it funny?

Some of the funniest 40th birthday gifts are gifts made at home. It is very easy to go out to a gag gift store and purchase some silly over the hill message, but nothing shows a person they are loved like a gift from the heart and funny bone! A 40th year survival package is a great way to show loved ones they are being looked out for. Things to include in this kit are: baby food, Metamucil, Ensure, adult diapers, and a pair of reading glasses. Badges to celebrate 40 are also a great idea to put into the survival package.

Badges are a great way for loved ones to show off their age. Make things that say, "40? No, this is my second 39th birthday!" or "22 plus 18 years experience." These are good for letting the almost senior citizen know that they can still have fun and can be proud of their seasoned age. A sign is also a great way for the middle-ager to let people know who they are about to be dealing with. Make the sign with a construction theme that has some sort of caution or warning and a funny saying about being 40.

Gag pills made out of candy coated chocolates are another of the funny 40th birthday gifts. Get an unused or cleaned out pill bottle, or old film bottle and fill with candy. Then, make a sticker label with different uses for different colored "pills." Red ones can be for anger problems, brown ones can be to satisfy chocolate cravings, yellow to cure headaches, blue can represent the little blue pill we all know about, and so on. Another great idea that requires a little less creativity is to just buy one of the big lollipops and write "40 Sucks!" on the wrapper.

All of these are just a few ideas for silly gifts for the 40 year old. The best way to be sure the birthday girl or guy feels loved is to make sure that the gift comes from the heart. Get creative, and personalize the gift to the specific person. Everyone likes something made just for them, no matter what age.

by: Woodstock Candy


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