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Thursday, June 6, 2013
There are a lot of milestones in a person’s life when it comes to their birthday. From your very 1st birthday, to every decade after, there is always a reason to celebrate. For that special brother in your life, when they turn 50, you can joke about how they are half a century old or a variety of other ways. Birthdays are about celebrating their life and the years they have previously seen. When it comes to celebrating this once in a lifetime day, there are a ton of 50th birthday gift ideas for a brother to be considered.

Since it is his 50th birthday, this means that he was born in the early 60’s. Nothing beats a party like specific references to the year he was born. The 60’s were a wild, joyous, yet tumultuous time, so find something lighthearted and run with it. One really fun and clever way you can celebrate is to have a collection of retro items from the past. Maybe you can purchase a series of movie posters from the year he was born. Or you might want to have a TV program (hint: Star Trek!) that was popular then playing in the background as you rock out to some awesome 60’s music. 

Another great idea is to have people come to the party dressed up as people from that generation. If he was born in America in the 60’s, you can take on all sorts of groovy personalities and wear your favorite tie-die shirt and your large “peace” sign necklace. Women can wear long hair wigs and flowers in their hair. It was a time where everyone just felt like “chilling”.

One of the coolest 50th birthday gift ideas for a brother you can think of is to have a collection of candy and toys that were popular in the 60’s. This may seem like a difficult task, what with all the present candy being plastered all over the shelves of grocery stores and candy shops, but do a quick Internet search, and you will find a variety of websites that can deliver some incredible candies originating from the 60’s. Don’t worry, this selection is as fresh as the candy from today is; it’s just in the same wrapper and flavors as it was in the 60’s.

When it comes to celebrating a 50th birthday for a brother, you’re going to want to be as clever and unique as you possibly can. It’s an important milestone for him and your family. Hopefully, they have had a wonderful life up to this point and will live to celebrate many more birthdays. This 50th birthday celebration, surprise your brother with the best in nostalgia and celebration for the years that he has lived through.

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