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Thursday, June 19, 2008
The candy counter
By Richard Chin
Article Last Updated: 06/18/2008 11:56:22 PM CDT

Fish oil in chocolate, antioxidants in mints, caffeine in jelly beans and mocha-flavored MM's. Those were just a few of the new, different or just plain weird species of candy at the All Candy Expo, the annual national confection convention in Chicago last month. Here are some examples of what the sugar peddlers hope we'll be stuffing into our mouths:


Candy makers aren't just trying to satisfy our sweet tooth. They also want to tempt us with hip packaging and exotic flavors, appealing to our emotions and promising health benefits.

Oral Fixation mints come in flavors like "healthy" Green Tea Antioximints and the "baroque flavor" Jasmints. (
Sen Cha green tea mints in flavors like Delicate Pear and Lively Lemongrass "nourish the body ... and enlighten the mouth." (, specialty stores like Teavana at Mall of America)

The Greek letter omega and the Roman numeral three are clues this isn't your ordinary dark chocolate. Maramor Chocolates says three squares of its fish-oil-laced dark chocolate have more healthful omega-3 than a typical fish-oil capsule. (, select GNC stores)
Sometimes, it's about the packaging. The Think Chocolate brand by New Zealand-based Bloomsberry & Co. comes in wrappers that look medicinal and are labeled GirthControl, Bochox and Emergency Chocolate. (, most Whole Foods, Bibelot shops, Borders)


Does a spoonful of sugar help
the Christianity go down? That's the good news being spread by Scripture (, a line of cross-shaped lollipops, candy with Bible verses printed on the wrappers and mints in the shape of the Christian fish symbol.

Who needs coffee when you've got caffeinated candy? Wake up with:
Crackheads, chocolate-covered espresso beans (
Engobi, sweet cinnamon- and lemon-flavored caffeinated chips (

VE2 energy, created by an emergency-room doctor, a gum with — you guessed it — caffeine (

Extreme Sport Beans by Jelly Belly, with electrolytes and caffeine, geared toward sleepy athletes (, Target, running stores like Running Room and Run N Fun)


Mars candy takes humble MM's upscale with personalized MM's and Premiums with "jewel-toned shimmering shells" and such flavors as Chocolate Almond, Mint Chocolate, Mocha and Raspberry Almond. (In Target now and other retailers this summer.)

Richard Chin can be reached at 651-228-5560.

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