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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Is someone you love turning 50 this year? Why not offer them a blast from the past with some 1950s birthday party idea treats? Our 1958 Birthday Party Box will bring back the memories of their youth with the sweet treats they enjoyed as a youngster. Your loved one doesn't have to jump over the hill quite yet. is proud to offer this lovely gift box that they will surely enjoy.

In the 1958 Birthday Party Box your special someone will receive 40 of their favorite treats from their special era. Jujubes, Wax Lips and Zotz are just some of the sweet candy that they will get to enjoy. They will even receive a wrapped prize just like the ones given in the old Cracker Jack box. Our 1958 Birthday Party Box will allow your loved one to share memories of their youth with all involved.

Bring back the youth of those who are heading into the golden age of life. This party box will entertain them for days with the candy that gave them the spunk as a child. This gift will be appreciated for a lifetime. We have yet to find the fountain of youth, but our birthday party boxes are the next best thing. Be sure to take a look at all of our party boxes at

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