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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Celebrate your happy day with this amazing Jumbo Inflatable Birthday Cake Decoration! When inflated, it reaches the height of 6 feet tall! This magnificent cake makes a very impressive centerpiece for any party. Just set it on the floor, and see how everyone admires it with their oohs and ahhs! The inflatable three-tiered cake is appropriate for both young and old; no matter what age, who wouldn't love to have this gigantic monument as a symbol of their birthday? Kids will go crazy for this, and will be talking about the cake for a long time.

It's also a perfect idea for any milestone celebration such as 50th or 60th birthday, or an "Over the Hill" bash. Showcasing this inflatable giant decoration is a sure way to make any party memorable. Besides having this in your home for a birthday party, it's also great for work or school. The last thing someone would expect would be to walk in to a room and see a 6 foot towering inflatable cake in front of them!

This party accessory can be used over and over to celebrate all of your friend's birthdays. Just inflate with a bicycle pump or small hand held compressor for a quick set up. The next time you're celebrating a birthday, don't forget the cake!

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