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Saturday, May 22, 2010
Who says you are too old to take your lunch to work!? You can never be too old to take your lunch to work because now you can take it in a Retro Lunch Boxes!

Our selection of Retro Lunch Boxes is one of a kind. You will have many choices that include many of your favorite retro characters. With all kinds of options, you will surely find a lunch box to suit your needs.

The selection we offer is quite vast. We are proud to offer you lunch boxes that include Jimi Hendrix, Snoopy, Marylin Monroe, The Rolling Stones and so much more! Now you can even get your children interested in our lineup with options such as Sesame Street, Superman and even Eminem.

When you take this lunch box with you, you will be having conversations with everyone you know about how good the past was. We want you to bring back those memories of your childhood, a few good laughs and of course, a great way to carry your delicious lunch!

Take your lunch in the way you did as child with the Retro Lunch Boxes today!

by: Woodstock Candy


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