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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Getting older is a part of our everyday life. There isn't any reason that we should feel like we can't act like we are 10 years old again.

Turning 70 can feel very depleting but not so much anymore! We have the perfect gift for any 70 year old--the 70th Birthday Retro Gift Basket! This is a very unique and fun gift that all ages will enjoy.

Your favorite 70 year old will be telling tales of the past to all those around them as they take a walk down memory lane. You will be hearing stories from when grandma and grandpa were children and how they used to go into the penny candy store to buy this and that.

Some of the candies that will be taking you 70 year old down memory lane are Violets, Chiclets, Satellite Wafers, BB Bat and so much more!

Help your favorite 70 year old celebrate a new stage in life with the 70th Birthday Retro Gift Basket! You'll be hearing stories for hours and hours to come!

by: Woodstock Candy


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