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Friday, November 12, 2010

We sure love Pop Rocks here at Woodstock Candy. But where did they come from? Why were they created? Inquiring minds like ours want to know!

We found out that Pop Rocks were developed in 1956 by a General Foods research scientist named William A. Mitchell. Well, thank you, Mr. Mitchell! These little wonders were finally introduced to the market in 1975.

How do they pop? Tiny little pockets of carbonation are released when the candy melts in your mouth. That’s where the little crackling and popping comes from. Pop Rocks originally came in orange, cherry, and grape flavors. When you get your Pop Rocks here at Woodstock Candy, you can get them in strawberry, tropical punch, and watermelon flavors. Yum!

Pop Rocks were tested extensively before they hit the market. (Obviously! What responsible candy company would put something out without testing it first?) But that didn’t stop the candy from startling consumers all over the country. In fact, the Food and Drug Administration in Seattle set up a telephone hotline to assure parents that Pop Rocks would not cause their children to choke. It was rumored that mixing the candy with a carbonated drink would cause your stomach to explode.

That’s clearly not true. We love Pop Rocks. Wake up your mouth and your taste buds!

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