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Monday, March 12, 2012

Send those special people back in time to the good old days with retro candy
gift baskets. Purchase one that is ready made or add a personal touch by
choosing some of the all-time favorite retro candies. The biggest challenge is
deciding which retro candy will bring back the most precious memories for the
recipient. Add some of the all time favorites through the years along with some
others and let the nostalgia begin.

Now and Later Candy
Now and Later candy originated in the early 1960s wrapped in colorful paper.
The square shaped candy contains a large variety of fruity flavors. The candies
are available in both the hard and soft variety. Now and Later is a taffy type
candy bursting with twenty-four fruity flavors of pure heaven. These candies
add a splash of color to any retro candy gift basket and deliver a chewy long
lasting fruit flavor.
Boston Baked Beans
These are not simply beans baked in Boston regardless of the name. Boston Baked Beans are
peanuts coated with a sweet sugary mix. The sugar coated peanuts date back to
the 1930s and have remained a favorite throughout the years. The peanuts are
tossed into a pan that revolves while at the same time adding color, flavor and
other ingredients that covers the peanuts with a sugar coating. The process
continues until the Baked Beans are the right size for packaging.

Bit-O-Honey originated in 1924 as an American Candy Bar sporting a red and yellow wrapped candy with
blue lettering. The candy bar contains 6 pieces of candy packaged together in
wax paper and wrapped in its colorful wrapper. The candy consists of a one of a
kind honey-flavored taffy with bits of almonds scattered through out the
mixture. The candy is available in candies, bars or bite sized bars with a long
lasting chewy texture.

Wax Lips
Remember those red lips that everyone just had to have. They are still
available today and as much fun as ever. The novelty paraffin wax is flavored
and molded into over sized lips with a bite plate in back to hold the candy
between the teeth. The wax candy made its first appearance in the 1900's
intended more as a novelty item than a candy. The idea was after the fun of the
over-sized lips grew old the flavored red lips were chewable for gum. Many
girls experienced their first kiss hidden behind over-sized ruby red Wax Lips.
Retro Candy is Ageless as Time
Retro candy gift baskets make great gifts created to reflect one place in time
or cover the memories of a lifetime. Now and Later Candy, Boston Baked Beans,
Bit-O-Honey, and Wax Lips are only a sampling of the old time candy still
available. Add Hot Tamales, Red Hots, a Cherry Mash or any number of other
favorites. Tuck an old movie in the gift basket for a real treat because most
people purchase these candies over the counter at the movie theaters of

by: Woodstock Candy


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