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Thursday, June 21, 2012

30th Birthday Candy Gift Basket
A 1980's Birthday Candy Gift Box is the perfect gift for anybody born during the wild and crazy era of the 80's. This gift box takes the memorable candies of the 80's to those who remember the days of huge hair and work out videos. Seeing and enjoying these delicious edible pieces of the decade will make any person who remembers their childhood or teenage years in the 80's delighted. The candy brings back memories. What better present could there be? This gift takes all the lovable candy from back in the day and puts it together in one big decorative box. The order is simple to place. One simply has to choose the year desired in the drop down menu and add the box to the cart!

The entire point of the box is to bring a person back in time to the days of the 80's. The candy inside reflects those found in a real 80's birthday party. There are 40 kinds of candy included in the box, which is a huge amount for the small price! Examples of the candy include Candy Lipstick, Dubble Bubble Gum, Tootsie Rolls, Root Beer Barrels, Necco Wafers, Atomic Fireballs, and Pixy Stix. The presenter of the 80's candy gifts can bring a woman back to the days when she ate Lemonheads all the time and remind a man of simpler times when all he really wanted were Jolly Rancher Sticks and Pop Rocks.

The idea behind this gift reigns true for any 80's birthday gift. The perfect gift is the one that evokes memories. That is exactly what this 80's gift box accomplishes. The shrink wrapped basket is sure to cause anyone who remembers the 80's to think back on childhood memories of times when they saved up to buy a certain candy or were given one flavor of Laffy Taffy all the time. This 80's gift box will allow receivers to reminisce on old memories while creating new ones. They will be so glad to receive such a thoughtful gift. Anyone who purchases any of these 80's candy gifts is sure to be the life of the party when they walk in the door with a box full of delicious memories. This 80's birthday gift can be shared with a whole party or saved to be eaten over time. Just like a real 80's birthday, this one will come with lots of memories and plenty of candy!

by: Woodstock Candy


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