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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Wax Lips
Atomic Fireballs, Candy Cigarettes, Pixie Stix and Charleston Chews are just a few types of retro candy that aren't commonly sold in stores anymore. Nostalgic candy can, however, be purchased online in individual pieces, in bulk or in candy gift boxes that contain an assortment of old time candy.

In addition to eating these blast from the past goodies, nostalgic candy can be used to create centerpieces or set up as a dessert bar for retro-themed and vintage parties. For example, for a 70's disco themed party, choose candies that were popular in the 1970s like Pop Rocks or Razzles or for a 50's sock hop themed party, Snaps or Bit-O-Honey are a good choice. Candy can be crafted into centerpieces or simply spread on the tables for guests to enjoy during the party.

To create a retro candy dessert buffet, purchase candy in bulk and display it in small clear containers allowing guests to help themselves with an old fashioned candy scoop. Signs depicting the prices of the candy from the era can make cute decorations and enhance the candy shop feeling of the dessert bar. Nostalgic candy gifts can be given as favors for retro parties as well, either by allowing guests to take home candy from the dessert bar or having them pre-packaged ahead of time.

Nostalgic candy gifts make a great present for someone who is hard to shop for or for a person celebrating a milestone birthday year such as 30, 40 or 50. Simply look up what candies were popular in their birth year or when they were a child. Treat them to a trip down memory lane by purchasing candy they will remember from their childhood.

Candy gift boxes filled with nostalgic candy like Everlasting Gobstoppers, Oh Henry! Bars and Bottlecaps can be purchased ready made with an assortment of old time candy. For those who prefer to customize their selection of candy for the gift box, pieces can be bought individually or in bulk and divided as needed.

Retro candy isn't only for those who remember it from their childhood. Kids today may enjoy sampling candy they have never had before or candy their parents or grandparents remember from their own childhood. Additionally, candy necklaces, candy lipstick and ring pops make fun favors for any type of party for little girls while wax lips and wax bottles are novelties any kid would enjoy.

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