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Friday, June 1, 2012
80th Birthday Gift Retro Nostalgic Candy

Although becoming more common, an 80th birthday is still a relatively rare occurrence and deserves that extra special touch, from the decorations to the cake, and the presents. However, when it comes to presents problems can arise; there is hardly anything to give an 80 year old that they do not have already. Once framed pictures of loved ones, gift cards and additional collectables have been given, what else is there that they would really enjoy. Between their reduced activity and a lifetime of acquiring what they want and need, finding 80th party gifts can be a real challenge.

One unique and affordable gift, that will bring a smile to any senior's face, is a gift box of nostalgic candy. This gift works on two levels. First, as we age our desire for sweets increase and by the time one reaches 80 years or more the desire to remain thin has subsided. Secondly, someone celebrating their 80th birthday or who is in their 80s spent their early childhood in the Great Depression, and they probably has few chances to enjoy their favorite candies when young. You can give them a second chance to relish the tastes they craved as a child. In all likelihood they may think those candies are gone for good.  They probably have not thought of them for years but will recognize and still enjoy them today.

Opening a window to the past and allowing them to experience the sweets tastes from long ago makes a gift that stands out from the rest, and unlike fruit, candy keeps a long time.  Many of the old-fashioned candies are individually wrapped pieces instead of bars, making them convenient when just a small something sweet is desired. They can take some of their birthday candy with them in a purse or pocket wherever they go. They can make an instant trip back to their childhood or share the journey with another senior who has a sweet tooth.
Gift baskets are available featuring some of the old time favorites such as Violets, Rock Candy, Good & Plenty and Chuckles. An alternative idea is to make a birthday basket of your own, including these and many other childhood favorite.  A homemade basket put together for an 80th birthday candy gift can include their more recent favorite sweets and other nostalgic items such as a Pages of Time Booklet. Best of all personalized 80th birthday candy gifts are not just a one shot deal they can be given every year with slight modifications to reflect the birthday boy or girls preferences. In addition, 80th party gifts of nostalgic candy are not limited to birthdays but work for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or Christmas as well.

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