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Saturday, September 15, 2012

1950's Birthday Retro Candy Gift Basket
It can be extremely difficult trying to figure out the perfect gift for someone who seemingly has everything. A gift basket is the perfect choice. Whether the gift is for a birthday, an anniversary, a graduation, or just because, anytime of the year is the perfect time to give someone a gift basket. Personalized retro candy gift baskets are a simple way to give someone a very personal and thoughtful gift.

Personalizing a gift is not only thoughtful, but it can make a real statement and stand out among other gifts. While gift ideas abound and gift options are plenty, finding something that is unique, personal, and symbolic of how much you care seems like an almost impossible feat. A personalized gift is definitely the right direction to turn, but there are many options in personalized gift-giving as well.

The gift of candy can elicit strong emotions and accompanying smiles and gratitude for the memories. Imagine giving a gift of sweet candy memories as a birthday gift to a woman who remembers trips with her grandpa to the candy store once a week to buy Necco Wafers, Wax Bottles, and Candy Buttons in the 1950s. Think of the thrill you can offer a favorite uncle as he opens up his retro candy gift basket to discover the Dubble Bubble, Pixy Stix, and LemonHeads he loved as a child in the 1970s. Picture yourself receiving a gift full of candy that you haven't tasted since you were six, nine, or 12 years old.

Just about anyone can appreciate a gift that involves food in some way, but putting the extra bit of thought into making it personal with retro treats and fond memories of a great childhood is a touching testament to how much you care. Bring back the welcome and warm memories of "yesteryear" and the "good ol' days" with a personalized gift basket. Retro candy is a gift that says, "You're never too old to feel young at heart."

by: Woodstock Candy


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