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Sunday, August 26, 2012
60th Birthday Gift
Turning sixty does come with a few perks. You are that much closer to retirement! You get birthday presents that you actually want, you can pass for a senior discount, and you are getting wiser with age! But you are in fact, you are getting older. So if you know someone born in 1952 that has a birthday coming up, it is important to get them a gift that is sweet, comforting, and might even have some nostalgic value concerning their days of youth. A 60th birthday gift can truly be a special one. By getting a gift that lets your loved one know you appreciate them and the era when they were at the height of their lives, you can make the occasion of getting a little older a unique and comforting event. We have all heard stories from our older relatives about when gas was only thirty five cents a gallon and they had to walk to school uphill both ways in the snow. Buying them a 60th birthday gift that has memorabilia from those decades can really put a smile on their face. Gifts such as candy baskets let your loved one know that you appreciate their stories and advice that they have shared over the years.

Candy Baskets are the perfect sweet gift to commemorate a 60th birthday! Give them a gift that will put a little treat in their day and allow for many small celebrations over having made it this far for weeks to come! A 60th candy basket can be ordered that has candy from the era that they loved so much. Classic candies like Dots and Swizzlers will take them back to the afternoons where fifty cents got them in to see two movies and get a box of candy with a soda! Retro candy overflowing from a 60th candy basket is the perfect gift for the person that already has everything that they want! A person born in 1952 will be touched by the thought behind a candy basket that is full of Rock Candy, Sugar Daddies, Red Hots, and Candy Buttons on Paper! They simply do not make candy like that anymore and a 60th candy basket is sure to make for a birthday celebration that will allow for all of those fond memories to come flooding back. Grandma and Grandpa will have the chance to tell the old stories about hanging out by the candy store in the afternoons and spending those hard earned nickels on a sweet treat. The candy basket collection can be personalized for your loved ones to make the occasion special. In addition to candy, the basket can be customized with signs can be kept around the house for years to come. Taking a stroll down memory lane on your birthday has never been sweeter!

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