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Friday, September 7, 2012

Nostalgic Candy Gift Basket
For many, thinking back to childhood is a source of good memories. Spending time with family and friends, school day memories, even seeing the clothing that was worn "back in the day" can trigger thoughts about the past. One other fond memory that many people have about their childhood or younger years is candy. Though there are many great varieties of new candy, retro candy like Boston Baked Beans, Wax Lips and Bit-O-Honey seems to bring back good memories, and remind people of their previous life experiences.

Retro candy gift baskets are an ideal way to bring up old memories in a unique way. These baskets may include items other than candy, but it will be the sweet stuff that means the most. These gift baskets are great for many different occasions like birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, or even just as a way to say "thinking about you". A way to break the monotony of present day life, receiving some retro candy may be just the thing to brighten the day. For some, these candies may remind them of times with their parents, or dates with significant others. Another possibility is having the memory of a life changing event like beginning school or hanging out with friends after class at a drugstore come back - all with a simply piece of candy.

Though some brands like Now And Laters candy are still well liked and relevant today, many have been replaced and "upgraded" to current varieties. Many young people do not even know what Boston Baked Beans are, and hope that Wax Lips don't end up in their goodie bags at parties, meaning that the newer generations have been raised on new flavors and options. Retro candy gift baskets will have different meaning to older generations, and can be counted on to bring a smile to any adult's face.

Selecting and sending one of these gift baskets can say a great deal about a person's personality. Whether simply hoping to bring a smile and some past memories back to a person, or trying to make a good impression, packing a basket full of retro candy that includes Wax Lips, Now and Laters candy, Bit-O-Honey and Boston Baked Beans is a safe bet. These candy varieties were large parts of childhood and early adulthood for many people, and being reminded of the past in such a way is always a welcome gesture.

by: Woodstock Candy


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