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Sunday, September 23, 2012
Retro Candy Gift Basket
Remember the good ol' days? Nothing triggers fond memories more clearly than the candy of your childhood days. Hurrying to complete the household chores to ensure the weekly allowance made it securely into the pocket or hand of an eager child. A detailed and pre-determined mental list of mouth-watering candy treats that was earnestly purchased at the local Mom and Pop store; Boston Baked Beans, Wax Lips, Bit-O-Honey, Now and Laters Candy just to name a few.

These wonderful retro candy treats not only provide the unique taste of the good ol' days, each chew induces reminiscent times of those endlessly long days of youth, when the only cares were having the winning home run, hop-scotching the longest or being the best shooter at marbles. There are countless memorable childhood activities pleasantly enhanced and easily recalled by someone's favorite candy. Whether it was winning the box of candy-coated and gloriously crunchy Boston Baked Beans waiting at the bottom of the sleigh riding hill; or the endless giggles provided at Halloween, when friends made funny faces while wearing an over-sized pair of sweet tasting Wax Lips. Enjoying your Bit-O-Honey always helped to alleviate the dreaded first day back to school. Receiving the Boston Baked Beans as a reward for washing the family car made the chore seem worth the effort. The retro candy of honey and almond flavored Bit-O-Honey, and fruit flavored Now and Laters candy were also perfect, for sharing with your group of friends during the overnight back yard outings. Memories of enjoying the individually wrapped taffy treats by the glow of a flash light rush back at the first nostalgic taste.

A pleasant gift selection for any occasion is giving overflowing retro candy gift baskets filled with these long ago and endearing confections of yesterday. Children of all ages enjoy satisfying their sweet tooth on these unique and tasty morsels. Original and unparalleled, retro candy gift baskets provide a glimpse back to those much-loved moments. They make a great Holiday, Valentine, or Birthday present and are perfect for sending someone a much-needed smile. Delivering retro candy gift baskets to a friend will guarantee a joyous grin; when they look inside to find the wonderful present, of nostalgia wrapped in the delicious goodness of their favorite confection. Nothing says love like giving Mom or Dad a gift of their sugary childhood delights along with a wonderful opportunity to take a walk down memory lane.

Today's world is fast-paced and ever changing. Retro candy enhances those endearing remembrances of times gone by while creating an opportunity to enjoy the candy flavors of endearing moments from decades past.

by: Woodstock Candy


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