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Friday, October 5, 2012
30th Birthday Candy Gift Baskets
The next birthday that rolls around for a childhood friend could be a blast from the past with retro candy boxes or retro candy gift baskets. This is because the penny candies and other nostalgic favorites that once stood the test of time in the candy aisle at the local corner store are still being manufactured and distributed today. Always a favorite way to bring back childhood memories these retro candies are a perfect way to say “Happy Birthday”.

These retro candies are fondly treasured by baby boomers around the world. Nothing brings on the nostalgia faster than a Coconut Long Boy or a chunk of Bonomo’s Turkish Taffy. Retro candies can be personalized and packaged together according to the era of their heydays. Candies from as far back as the early 1930’s can bring back, with one bite, the ambiance of the carefree days they were first introduced. The best gifts are sometimes the ones which recall the most cherished memories of one’s childhood.

There are endless ways to customize a special birthday gift with retro candies. Available in birthday candy boxes and candy gift baskets, retro is once again the new style. As popular items like retro sunglasses, hats, toys, mugs, lunch boxes and gag gifts items are making their way back into the hearts and homes of people all over the world, retro candies are leading the way.

A current trend with retro candies is using the candies in a birthday cake theme. This is definitely a way to ensure an unforgettable birthday. Retro candy cakes are as sweet as traditional birthday cakes, yet they are created with individual pieces of candies put together to resemble the shape of a birthday cake. These candy cakes are quickly becoming popular for those who have no time to bake and wish to customize a cake for a birthday party. All it takes is a little imagination and a bundle of retro candies from a favorite candy era to create a perfect personalized birthday cake.

Celebrate the coming of age, or celebrate a life of long happy living with the retro styled gift baskets and retro styled candy boxes is a gift unto itself. Giving that special someone a retro style lunchbox or coffee mug, or a retro style candy birthday cake, its like giving them a piece of their childhood back. Say happy birthday from the heart and say it with retro candies and gifts.

by: Woodstock Candy


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