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Saturday, November 10, 2012
124 Pieces Of Nostalgic Candy
Isn’t it wonderful how eating favorite candies from your childhood can bring back a rush of warm memories? Whether you’re a child of the 1960s, 70s, 80s, or somewhere before or after, almost everyone agrees that the taste of nostalgic candy can be a delightful way to recall the past.

The memories may be of standing in line at the grocery store with your mom, asking if you could have a Bit-O-Honey bar. Remember the honey flavored taffy goodness of those? Or if you were into chewy candy, perhaps you enjoyed the fruit flavors of Now and Laters candy or the peanut butter chewiness of Mary Janes. You might even have fun memories of sitting on the floor with your sister or brother, a Halloween bag of goodies between you, swapping Now and Laters for a pair of Wax Lips. Whether you thought they were tasty or not, Wax Lips were always good for a laugh!

Or maybe your grandpa kept a candy jar in his study filled with treats like Boston Baked Beans. Something about crunching into one of those old-fashioned candy coated peanuts might just bring back the sound of your grandfather’s laugh or that comfy chair in his study where you curled up with a good book. You probably still recall the way the reddish brown candy coating of the Boston Baked Beans would melt in your hand.

Something about food has the ability to bring back vivid memories. Nostalgic candy can make great wedding reception favors. Nostalgic candy gift baskets, filled with favorites from your childhood, can also make a great gift on a special birthday or be a fun inclusion at a family reunion. It’s almost guaranteed to be a story starter!

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