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Saturday, October 20, 2012
Mr. Potato Head
Ever wish you could enjoy the carefree days of being a kid again? You can enjoy experiencing those happy days again when you rediscover the many different retro toys you loved as a kid. Toys that were popular in the 1950s through the 1980s bring back memories of fun times with family and friends. Retro toys like Mr. Bill, Gumby and Mr. Potato Head allow children of all ages to draw on their creativity and imagination during playtime hours.

Who can forget the wonderfully pliable and flexible Gumby, a figurine that could be bent into numerous positions, accompanied by his equally flexible horse pal Pokey? How many future make-up artists and beauticians started their careers by giving Mr. Potato Head as many different facial features as possible? And don't forget Mrs. Potato Head, who together with her husband, made for hours of creative enjoyment. Mr. Bill is another favorite retro toy made famous by "Saturday Night Live" where he endured many an "ooh, noo" moment.

Rediscover the fun of building a replica of President Abraham Lincoln's boyhood log cabin using Lincoln Logs. Or create other building styles and architectural wonders with the versatile Tinker Toys. Little girls were captivated by the Easy Bake Oven which is now available in a new version which eliminates the light bulb heating element and safely heats up just like mom's oven in the kitchen.

The 1980s saw the introduction of many low-tech computer toys such as Merlin and Simon, which were intriguing to play none the less even though they can't compare to the sophistication of today's computer games. On the opposite end of the spectrum are toys that are soft and cuddly, including the Koosh Ball, guaranteed not to break a window, the funny looking Sock Monkey, and Beanie Babies in every style imaginable. Predict the future with the Magic 8 Ball, whose message would appear in a small window located on the underside of the ball. But to really impress your friends, bring out your Slinky Dog and the original Slinky and watch how easily they can walk down the stairs.

So the next time you need a birthday or holiday gift that's unique for anyone in the 40-plus age range or to introduce your own grandchildren to some really special toys, why not pass on the modern toys available these days and discover the fun of the retro toys you loved as a kid?

by: Woodstock Candy


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