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Sunday, November 4, 2012
Nostalgic Candy Gift Baskets
When we think of nostalgic things, a lot of the time the things that come to your mind is music, clothing, television programs and even certain places we went to. Well that is all fine and good but let's take it back to nostalgic candy! Yes candy!

For us older folks, when we were younger, there was such a thing as penny candy. Back in the day we would go into the corner store with $1 and come out with enough candy to last us all day. If you were a good candy shopper, the candy could last you into the next day. Don't you remember shaking that box of Boston Baked Beans and hardly being able to wait to open them and turn that box up to your mouth? We ladies can remember the red wax lips and the candy lipsticks that we would buy and because were too young to wear actual lipstick, we would put on the wax lips prancing around pretending we had on lipstick. We didn't prance long because we could not wait to eat the wax lips! We loved pretending with the candy necklaces and bracelets as well. How grown up did we think we were when we had the candy cigarettes?

Remember eating Sugar Daddy suckers, Tootsie Rolls, Bit-o-Honey and Now and Laters candy and getting them stuck to your teeth and the roof of your mouth? How about taking an entire package of pop rocks and putting them in your mouth and feeling them pop and fizz in your mouth.

We think about all of the candies we enjoyed when we were young like Mary Janes, Fun Dips, Smarties, Pixy Stixs, Red Hots and so many, many more and it brings a smile to our faces. But what we don't seem to realize is that although it may have been years since we last enjoyed these candies most of them are still around. These great candies are now being enjoyed by our children and our grandchildren. So, the next time you get nostalgic thinking about all those yummy candies of your childhood, search around and treat yourself and a few of your good friends to nostalgic candy gift baskets; you'll be glad you did.

by: Woodstock Candy


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