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Friday, October 12, 2012
Over The Hill Gag Gift--Geezer Glasses
There are certain milestones in birthdays that require being remarked upon. The sweet sixteen for girls for instance, or the 21st birthday are big deals. The dreaded 30th birthday tends to be another important date in many people's lives. And of course, when you've finally left your youth behind, there's the dreaded over the hill birthday. It might vary from one person to another, but when that date comes around, it should not be left unremarked.

Over the Hill Gifts

No over the hill birthday party would be complete without the requisite number of gag gifts; whether it's the geezer glasses, the bottles of fake medicine or even a telephone with ridiculously huge numbers on it. Or, if you can't decide which gift to get individually, then you might want to look at retro candy gift baskets. These handy items give you a wide variety of laughs that come with a little bit of sweetness to take the sting out of the joke.

Over the Hill Decorations

Gifts aren't the only things you can do for an over the hill birthday party. From the decorations to the cake, there's a lot of opportunity to do something memorable and hilarious. For instance, a crooked cane, or one in the shape of an old transistor radio might be something appropriate. Passing out buttons with large lettering so they could be read by stereotypically short sighted old folks are also an option. Even having someone show up dressed as the grim reaper to deliver a "see you soon" card could be the sort of thing that would make a party like this a memorable affair.

Go All Out

There are all sorts of ideas for how you can make an over the hill birthday party a really memorable event. However, for many of the more extreme ideas and themes you're going to have to put in a lot of time and effort, even if you don't have to spend too much for your idea.

For instance, you could have everyone show up dressed as very old people, offering "welcome to the club" gifts to the guest of honor. For those with a blacker sense of humor a party like a living funeral, complete with toasts and eulogies about what a fine person the birthday guest was in his youth. Trappings in black, and presents put in miniature coffins are all little touches that would make it an unforgettable party others will imitate.

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