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Friday, November 23, 2012
Popeye Bendable Family Set
Often kids like to play with the old toys up in Grandma’s attic. They can be a lot of fun, but some of them are not as safe as they could be. Years ago, toys were not tested and many of them posed safety threats for kids. But those old toys were a lot of fun and today kids still like them. Mr. Potato head, Mr. Bill and Gumby are just some of the favorites. Today it is possible to buy them, but they have been changed to meet all safety requirements.

Retro toys are still some of the best choices for kids of all ages. They make wonderful stocking stuffers. Even mom and dad would like to find a Gumby in their stocking Christmas morning. Retro toys will be a big hit with the kids, but the grown kids in the family will also like them.

Grown ups love to get silly things in their Christmas stocking. Of course they like the gift cards or expensive candy, but a simple toy like Mr. Potato Head will bring a big smile as memories of great days flash by. Everyone had a favorite toy as a kid. Most of those toys ended up at garage sales or in the donation bag. At the time, no one cared, but now seeing Mr. Bill or Gumby is a touch of nostalgia that will bring big smiles. There is a good reason to smile. Those memories are important and many people tend to forget them. They get busy with life and all its problems. So anything that brings fun and memories is a great gift.

It is possible to buy many of these toys at the local discount store. Some people like to put them with nostalgic candy in a gift basket. It makes the perfect gift for older people who have most of the things they need in life. This is one gift that will make them happy as it brings back memories of a simpler life. Check it out; this might be the best idea for those hard to buy friends on that Christmas list. Don’t forget the kids too! They still get a kick out of those well loved toys and would be thrilled to see them under the tree. Nostalgic retro toys never go out of style. They will always be number one on everyone’s Christmas wish list.

by: Woodstock Candy


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