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Saturday, December 8, 2012
50th Birthday Retro Candy Gift Basket
You have a friend or family member who is headed straight for a 50th birthday. What do you buy for that important day? Most 50 year olds are no longer looking for more ‘things.’ They are starting to rid their households of ‘things’ rather than looking for more. They are at the age when the kids are probably out of the house and they may even have grandchildren. Downsizing is part of their vocabulary now, not accumulation. Things to eat are always great gifts. The only thing they fill up is your belly. Spark memories with one of the 50th birthday retro candy gift baskets. It will make your gift memorable.

One of the favorite thing of the over 50 group is reliving shared memories. Often a conversation turns to ‘Do you remember?’ And most everyone does. Being over 50 means you may remember seeing Neil Armstrong land on the moon in 1969. Sure you were a bit young, but your parents probably watched and so did you. Remember Slinkies? Yeah, you can still find them, but they are smaller and not at all the same. Did your parents wear love beads? Did you play with them?

One of the fondest memories an over 50 person shares is what he or she ate as a child. Favorite candies that are no longer manufactured are sweeter memories because the taste cannot be recaptured. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could bring some of those memories in focus with one of the 50th birthday retro candy gift baskets? Relive wearing wax lips or, how about candy cigarettes? Did you chew Chiclets?

During the party for the lucky celebrant, the receiver of a retro candy gift basket could share the memory filled candy with other guests and shared memories would flow. Chances are your friend would love to share those memories with all his birthday friends and family. What a great gift one of the retro candy gift baskets would make.

by: Woodstock Candy


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