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Thursday, July 18, 2013
Most adults recall childhood birthdays as being filled with parties, balloons, perhaps a clown or two, and especially birthday candy. One could wait all year for the special occasions that implied an abundance of sweets: Halloween, Christmas stockings, Easter morning, but especially one's birthday.

Unlike other major holidays where candy is varied and given out for mass appeal, a birthday meant one's preferences were paramount. Goodie bags for a birthday party were not filled with generic "filler" candy, but rather the birthday girl or boy's favorites. The complimentary birthday candy would be overflowing with Razzles, Fun Dip, or candy necklaces. The guest of honor would pick all of his or her favorites to share with friends and celebrate the day with candy toasts.

Giving an old friend the gift of retro birthday candy is a great way to give the excitement that candy held during childhood. All one needs to know is a friend's birthday year (if you can get him or her to reveal that information) to pick the best candy gift. Gift options are available for multiple decades and gift recipients will be transported back in time as they peruse their candy gift.

A birthday get-together can go from humdrum to lively and festive as you and your guests enjoy the retro candy of your childhood. Ditch pearls and a quiet restaurant for candy necklaces and party games in your living room. Puff on candy cigarettes and dare your guests to take the Pepsi and Pop Rocks challenge! See who can blow the biggest bubble with Double Bubble and sneak pictures of friends' best-pinched faces as they suck on Lemon Heads! Chuckle over Chuckles and compare tongue colors from enjoying Razzles as you recall your favorite birthdays growing up.

While a night out wining and dining can be a fun way to celebrate, a night reminiscing about the simple things in life can make for an unforgettable evening and remind guests about what's really important in life. It's difficult to remember the excitement one would experience as a child while racing to the candy store to spend an entire week's allowance on candy dots, Chiclets and Jujubes. Giving the gift of candy from one's childhood is like giving a piece of the joy of youth and reminding your friend to embrace the simple joys of life. Plus, giving candy gifts is a great way to re-pay all those goodie bags you enjoyed from your childhood friend!

by: Woodstock Candy


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