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Thursday, May 27, 2010
Searching for the perfect gift basket that will works for any occasion? Well, now at Woodstock Candy, we have put together a perfect gift basket that works for any occasion--the All Occasion Retro Gift Basket!

This gift basket works great for any event, whether it is for a birthday, congratulations, thank you, name it, the All Occasion Retro Gift Basket works for it!

When you receive this one of a kind retro candy gift basket, you will be receiving the best retro candy available. With 40 different kinds of retro candy, it will be difficult to decide where to begin your tasty endeavor down memory lane.

The All Occasion Retro Gift Basket not only offers the best candy ever made, but it offers something that is intangible as well. It offers the gift of memories. Memories that you or the recipient had as a child going into the penny candy store with their parents and picking out their favorites.

Get the All Occasion Retro Gift Basket to meet all of your needs of giving. You can use this great gift basket for any imaginable reason and the best part of it all, it tastes great!

by: Woodstock Candy


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