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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Who said that you were too old to have some fun? If someone has ever told you that, you can just tell them that you are only beginning to gain speed in as you go over the hill! (Charles Shulz)

The Over the Hill Gift Basket says just that and makes it a realization. You don't have to slow down once you get older, you should be living your life more freely like you did as a child. That is exactly the idea of this extremely fun gift basket.

We want you to have fun, you've lived a long life that deserves a little something. The Over the Hill Gift Basket is that fun and allows you to act like a child again. It includes a few fantastic toys that you once played with as a child and 30 even better different kinds of candy!

Some of the great tasting candy includes Boston Baked Beans, Wax Lips, Pop Rocks and many more! You will be pleasantly surprised when you see that we have included toys like silly putty, Gumby and even a Wooly Willy!

For all of this fun and so much more order the Over the Hill Gift Basket today!

by: Woodstock Candy


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