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Thursday, February 24, 2011

We love everything about the 1960s here at Woodstock Candy. We supply the candy that you need to relive your childhood.

But what about the music? Remember when all of the Beatles albums came out on CD for the first time? They were the Beatles’ original UK versions. The US had totally different playlists. (Up until 1966, anyway.) Thankfully, The Beatles’ “Stereo Box Set” was recently released. Now the kids that grew up listening to The Beatles in America can relive that the way they remember it.

At the recent 53rd annual GRAMMY Awards, The Beatles’ “Stereo Box Set” received the “Best Historical Album” honor. It beat out four other great collections: Not Fade Away (Buddy Holly), The Complete Mother’s Best Recordings (Hank Williams), Los Angeles Nuggets (‘60s garage rock), and Alan Lomax in Haiti (Alan Lomax).

The Beatles box set features 16 discs of completely remastered editions of their entire studio catalog.

So you can kick back and relax and listen to some classic pop rock with a pack of Pop Rocks from Woodstock Candy! The Beatles box set is an excellent investment for any music lover.

We just have one question… Why did the GRAMMY committee even bother to nominate anyone other than The Beatles?

by: Woodstock Candy


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