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Monday, August 22, 2011

When we were kids, eating Bonomo's Turkish Taffy was always a summer ritual for my best friend and me. We would get our bars at the "What Not Shop," and rush home to put them in the freezer. As soon as they were cold, we would take them out to the road and whack the wrapped bars a few times. A bite sized piece of Bonomo's Turkish Taffy was so delicious- it would just melt in your mouth!

Somewhere I came across the original instructions that were written on the package. It said, "Crack it Up! Hold Bar In Palm of Hand - Strike Against Flat Surface - Let It Melt In Your Mouth."

As kids, I don't think we took the time to read the packaging, but somehow we knew what to do with the Turkish Taffy bar.

When I talk about some of my favorite childhood candy memories to customers, there is always an enthusiastic response. We all love to talk about the candy we grew up with; it always brings back thoughts of simpler times in life that were stress free. Because childhood candy is all about happy memories, it's sought after by many adults. A lot of candy stores have a nostalgic section geared mostly for the 40 and 50 year old kids. Fortunately Turkish Taffy is available again after being off the market for years. As long as we can still have our childhood candy, who wants to grow up?!

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