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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

While we’re on the topic of fashion, candy, and trends from the 1960s, let’s look a little closer at the decade of love! There were so many diverse trends in the 60s that it’s almost hard to keep track. This decade broke so many fashion traditions that it’s totally worth exploring a little bit.

In the early 1960s, fashion trends were classic and elegant—they mirrored the style of First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy. Women wore pastel suits, boxy jackets, and oversized bottoms. Geometric shift dresses were in style, and full-skirted ball gowns were in vogue for evening wear. Capri trousers were great for women and girls. Menswear was bright and colorful, too! (Kind of like a box of candies, no?)

The mini skirt was introduced in 1964, and fashion changed forever. We also saw the “space look” come from French designer Andre Courreges. There were trouser suits, white boots, goggles, and boxy dresses. British Mods were at the head of the fashion scene.

By the end of the decade, the hippie look was in style. Men and women wore frayed bell bottoms, tie dyed shirts, workshirts, and headbands. Sandals were a key element in the style, too. Fringed vests, peasant blouses, gypsy skirts, scarves, and bangles were all the rage. Being in Woodstock, this is our favorite part of the decade!

So why not go for it? Enjoy some Pop Rocks, Black Taffy Candy, and Jujubes and celebrate the decade that made us who we are today.

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