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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A trip down memory lane is easier when you are young. What is there to remember? Everything just happened yesterday. Even bad stuff like a scraped knee or a bloody nose was still covered in bandages and hurt. Now when you have passed the half way point (to wherever) there is a whole exciting lifetime to feed your nostalgia. Good times, bad times, adventures, wonderful sights, wonderful sounds, wonderful times, disastrous times, colors, tastes, flavors supply you with a place to start your walk and what to remember. Maybe even what to forget..

A walk down memory lane is a lot different from other walks. First of all,
unlike the wise sayings of contemporary sages, it does not begin with a single
step. A meaningful walk begins with a single bite. The trick is to know what to
bite. A logical thing would be your favorite candy. You just go into any store
that has a candy shelf, and there it is, isn’t it? It looks the same, same
familiar wrapper, except that it costs 95 cents. You remember it cost a nickel
and also it does feel slightly smaller? Of course you could have grown enough
to make a difference in relationship to the size of your body and the size of
the bar.

Yea, right. A better dream would be to find an old candy store that would still
sell retro candy. Candy and retro candy gift baskets were the treat of every
holiday and we all knew our dentists and they all knew our sugar coated teeth
by their first names. Of course all dentists were nice to little kids so they
were not afraid to come see them next time. They all gave their patients candy
treats at the end of every treatment. A lot of creative medicine that was developed was started in those times, based on the basis of ignorance is bliss, also necessity is the mother of invention. Dentists had a tough time getting patients the message of regular dental care in those times, before TV ads..

You could often spot a child who had just left the dentist’s office by the end of a Saf-T-Pop protruding from between the Wax Lips in his mouth.. The smart kids were the ones that were so” brave” and well behaved at the dentists that they got two Saf-T-Pops and a Now & Later. But by hook or by crook you had really done well if your memory lane had lots of candy times. But lots of candy was good for all occasions. The memory of a get together was sweetened if there was lots of candy handed out by one of the gang. Tons of Jujubes were always a hit particularly if you were the one with the Wax Lips that produced heaps of childhood laughter. Good candy, Jujubes, sticky stuff and funny faces made you the neighborhood star at the grand price of a nickel for a whole bag of almost forgotten history that’s a worthwhile memory.

by: Woodstock Candy


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