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Saturday, June 30, 2012
50th Birthday Gift Basket
Turning 50, for some people, is difficult. For some reason the number 50 is hard for them to deal with. When a family member or friend is turning 50 and seems sad or upset about it, throwing them a party can help. A surprise 50th birthday party can be fun for everyone. It can help the birthday person realize that 50 is just a number. When planning the surprise party think of fun birthday party gifts, favors, and game ideas that are sure to make it special and fun for everyone.

A person can find retro candy to use as 50th birthday party favors and gifts. This type of candy will be sure to put a smile on everyone's face as it brings back happy memories of childhood. These wonderful memories will take them back to the carefree days spent riding bikes and having fun with friends. They will think back to the days when a kid could go into the little corner store with a quarter and come out with a bag of candy. This retro 50th birthday party candy will remind them of the days of penny candy and the joy they had buying and eating it. All of the fun and happy memories may just help the birthday person feel better about turning 50 by making them smile, laugh and relive those happy memories.

Keeping the 50th birthday party theme nostalgic, a person can add fun games from childhood to the mix. There are some great games that will get everyone moving, laughing, and having a good time including Simon Says and Red Rover. Those favorite games of childhood will be sure to liven up the party. Hot Potato and musical chairs are games that can also be played. Any game that will bring happy laughter and excited cheers would be a good idea for this type of party.

A person can find some comical 50th birthday party favors including glasses in the shape of the number 50 that each guest can wear. There are blue ribbons for the birthday person which will let them know they are great at 50. Paddle balls, wooden gliders, and kazoos are fun party favor ideas also. Bubbles are fun at any age and can be wonderful birthday party gifts and favors.

Planning a party to help a loved one celebrate a milestone in a special way by adding 50th birthday party candy including Dots, Chiclets, Fun Dip and those wonderful Buttons on Paper is a great idea. Everyone who is at the party is sure to have a great time, enjoy the retro candy, and laugh at the games. The birthday person will relive many happy memories and have a truly unique experience at their 50th birthday party.

by: Woodstock Candy


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