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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Wax Lips
Whether you are looking for a taste of candy from your childhood or if you are looking to give a gift of old fashioned candy to a friend or a loved one, you have plenty of options to choose from regardless of your purpose for shopping for the classic candy.

Types of Classic Candy Sold Today

You can find all types of candy from a variety of past decades for sale depending on the type of sweet treat you are seeking. There are wax lip candy, red hot candies, sugar sticks, candy necklaces, and even the classic "Pop Rocks" candies.

Candy from the 1950’s range from:  dotted sugar candies, candy cigarettes, taffy, bubble gum cigars, mints, lemon candies, root beer barrels, and even atomic fireballs. Wax lips, "Mary Janes", and candy buttons were all common candies available in the 1950s and still sold today. If you are searching for candies from the 1960s, popular candies included the well-known Tootsie Roll, candy cigarettes, "Fun Dip", candy lipstick, wax lips, Mary Janes, "Now & later", candy buttons, Razzles, smarties, and taffy.

Retro candies from the 1970s include "Zotz", Red Hots, Lemonheads, Fun Dip, Atomic Fireballs, Pop Rocks, candy necklaces and cigarettes, "Pixy Stix", "Now & Later" and "Gold Nugget Bubble Gum". Candies that became popular in the 1980s includes Jolly Rancher sticks, "Big League" chewing gum, "Sour Patch Kids", "Twizzlers", candy buttons on paper, gummy bears, Necco Wafers, Skittles, Airheads, Starburst, Swedish Fish, Juicy Fruit Gum, and Atomic Fireballs.

If you are seeking a gift to give to someone, you can also opt for a retro nostalgic candy gift basket. There are various gift baskets of retro candy by the decade and including a mix, depending on the type of candy you want to order.

How to Shop for Old Fashioned Candy

You can shop for old fashioned candy locally and also right from the comfort of your own home, regardless of the types of candy you are shopping for or if you are looking for a retro nostalgic candy gift basket to buy. When you look online, you will have more advantages when shopping for candy as opposed to looking for the retro candy you are interested in locally at multiple stores.

Why Browsing for Classic Candy Online is Ideal

When you are seeking some nostalgic candy and want to do so online, you have more options when finding the specific brand and type of candy you have in mind. When you browse online to order the candy you want, you will also have the opportunity to compare prices to find the best deals and to find a retronostalgic candy gift basket to give if you are shopping for someone else.

Before you place your order, you can also read on all of the included candies offered in mixes and in baskets available to try. When you shop online for retro candy, you also have the option to easily shop by decade, which is great for themed parties or for specific candy lovers.

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