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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Over The Hill Birthday Sayings Candy And Toys
Getting presents for a loved one’s birthday can be a tedious task when they get older. Birthdays themselves may have become routine and dull after years of celebrating them. Over the Hill Birthday Gifts add a bit spice to what might otherwise be another ordinary celebration. Some people may prefer to insist they have not aged a day past twenty, others may pick a more meaningful number, and Over the Hill Birthday Gifts can obfuscate ones true age. Whether one turns forty or eighty, an Over the Hill gift is relevant and designed to make one feel celebrated and cherished, despite or because of one’s true age.

Over the Hill has birthday gifts celebrating the concept of being "over the hill." That one’s true age is irrelevant and what matters is celebrating friends and family. It is best summed up with, "there's no particular age that means you're over the hill, although usually it is a milestone year that ends in zero or five." You can give one to your grandmother, you can give one to an old friend, but either way it's a small token from you teasing them gently about being that extra special number this year.

Maybe a celebration would benefit from outright Over the Hill gag gifts. There is the ever popular Vulture Hat, teasing an older friend or relative about their age. Of note are various party buttons saying things like "got old?" or "In dog years, I'm dead!" Equally funny are the more practical hats with attached wigs which come in gray and blonde, either straight hair or afro. Perhaps the celebration would benefit from an Over the Hill Bald Man's Comb? Jokes aside; hats, glasses, quotes, and candy are all Over the Hill gag gifts that can make your celebration memorable.

Make your celebration an Over the Hill birthday party with one of the combo packs of Over the Hill sayings, candy and toys. A pack contains an assortment of toys and candy that give the party an air of recapturing their childhood all over again. Some of the retro candy one might get includes: Wax Lips, Rock Candy, Chiclets, Candy Cigarettes, Bonomo's Turkish Taffy, or Buttons on Paper. Some toys in the Birthday Box include childhood favorites such as: Silly Putty, Magic Loops, Slinky, and Wacky Whirler. Make your party and Over the Hill birthday party and people might enjoy themselves so much they forget just how old the birthday boy or girl turned.

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