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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Mr Potato Head Toy

There are several toys that can be considered American classics, and the Mr. Potato Head toy happens to be one of them. This particular item has a rich history and quite an impressive run along the popular selling lists throughout its career being made. Potato Head kids toys are common even today, available in almost any toy store and shopping center dealing in a wide selection of kids items.

The simplicity of this toy is likely what makes it so appealing. This is basically just a plastic mold shaped into a potato with specifically placed holes throughout it. These holes fit the different pieces that will make up the face, with push pins to fit in the interchangeable holes on the potato. The set often includes a simple list of facial parts and items, including: eyes, ears, nose, mouth, a hat, and some shoes.

These have been popular birthday gifts and Christmas presents since their release on Hasbro's product line in 1952. The idea itself was created a few years before this, and featured the push pin facial features intended to be used with actual potatoes and similar vegetables. However, this posed a couple of significant problems.

Hasbro set out to remedy these issues before it would take on the idea of the Mr. Potato Head toy. The first of these issues was the real vegetables that were becoming toys. These would begin to spoil and rot, and parents found this horrible to keep up with and live with. The second issue played into the first and focused on new national safety regulations. With both of these in play, Hasbro decided to perfect the idea by creating a plastic potato body for the facial parts.

Potato Head kids toys were everywhere once they first appeared in a television commercial. Kids all over the planet wanted them for their upcoming Christmas and birthday gifts. Soon the famous Potato Head had a mate in Mrs. Potato Head. She came with her own set of exclusive accessories and girly items.

Not only has this product never been taken out of production since it got started 60 years ago, but it has grown to superstar status at times. A good example of this would be the appearance of Mr. Potato Head and Mrs. Potato Head in the Toy Story film franchise. This popularity has offered kids new body molds, themes, accessory packs and more to revive the fun in this simple yet educational toy.

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