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Saturday, July 14, 2012

C Howard's Violet Candy
Charles Howard, an Armenian immigrant, concocted a formula for an irresistible, confectionary mint called "Choward's Violet". "Choward'sViolet" tastes just like the name implies—violet—and it's called a mint due to its size. Selling "Choward's Violet" on the streets of Manhattan gave Charles Howard his first retail experience. He manufactured the candy in a loft near Broadway. The old fashion candy's reputation grew in Manhattan and spurred his company C. Howard Company Inc. forward in the early 1930's. Mr. Howard was on a mission to formulate different flavored candy so his next experiment was "Choward's Scented Gum" which he introduced after his violet candies' success. Again, the gum gained momentum just like "Choward's Violet."

Over time and with more experimentation, C Howard candy expanded to include peppermints, spearmints, and lemon mints. Besides having a great way to liven up your senses, the mint candy also freshens your breath. The violet candies are a unique experience with floral flavoring and scent. The lemon mint candies give you the right spruce of lemon. The spearmint and peppermint candies have a strong flavor that is long-lasting. The newest member of the mint candies is the guava confection, introduced in 2009. It is sure to please with its flavor of mouth-watering guava fruit. Lastly, Charles Howard's gum has a superb scent and unique flavor.

Charles Howard entrusted a long time valued employee, Elizabeth Juhase, to continue his passion by allowing her to lead the company upon his passing. In the 1970s, Elizabeth brought on board her nephews to continue to manufacture the old line of products as well as the new ones. It has continued to be a family concern.

Charles Howard's passion for mint candy continues today as his old products are still sold in stores and over the Internet. The C Howard candy is accessible to every person in the United States as well as Bermuda and Puerto Rico. The old fashioned candy has made spotlights in magazines to include Oprah and Travel and Leisure. Its popularity continues to thrive as additional companies sign on to buy the popular, old fashion candy.

Charles Howard had a mission and a passion to develop uniquely flavored confections. Today his company thrives and presses forward with innovation and more markets to conquer. This 1930s company has stood the test of time to carry on Charles Howard's legacy of invention, innovation, uniqueness, and mint confections that are superb of its kind.

by: Woodstock Candy


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