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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Silly Putty- Original
As a child, you may remember the original silly putty and the various ways you could use the putty to keep yourself busy for hours on end. If you have a child and you are looking to buy a classic birthday gift such as silly putty, you can do so by shopping locally and also right from home by searching online.

The History of the Original Silly Putty

Silly putty originated around 1945, although there is no specific person to date that has the credit for creating and manufacturing the putty. It is rumored that someone in the US government may have created the compound, as many soldiers and engineers were busy working at the time creating rubber compounds to help with the shortage of supplies and materials on the battle fields during war time.

Uses for Putty

There are various uses of putty including simply playing with the material by squishing and stretching it, or even using different pieces of it to build different objects and shapes that have been molded out of the putty itself. When most people first have putty in their hands, it is strange and fascinating simply to move the rubber compound around and to observe its elasticity. In addition to keeping children busy for hours at a time, putty can also be useful around the home. When cleaning, you can use putty to help with picking up excess pet hair, dirt, dust, and other materials you may have on tables, floors, and throughout your home, making putty an ideal cleaning tool that is unique and also inexpensive.

How to Shop for Silly Putty Birthday Gifts

When you have decided on giving your child a birthday gift of putty, you can shop for the original silly putty by shopping at a local toy store depending on where you currently live and what the store has in stock at the time you are shopping. However, if you are seeking more options when it comes to browsing for a silly putty birthday gift, you can also look right from home by searching online. Browsing online for various types of putty allows you to find the original type of putty or even colorful and glow in the dark putty, all depending on what you believe your child will enjoy most.

Why Shopping Online for Putty is Recommended

Shopping online for the type of putty you want to buy, whether "original", or colorful, is a way for you to compare prices and to find the very best deal on the market. Additionally, when you place an order online, you are able to have the putty delivered straight to your door without having to hunt the putty down at various stores locally near you. Browsing and ordering items online gives you the option of reading real customer reviews and also researching the putty products before you purchase them so you are capable of making an informed decision even before you choose the type of putty you want to order and give to your child as a birthday gift.

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